Photo Challenge #452

Last week’s Photo Challenge definitely showed Saugatuck Shores.

But where exactly?

Answers were all over the, um, map.

It was not on Saugatuck Island itself. And definitely not at Cedar Point Yacht Club.

The correct responses were: “The beach on Harbor Road near the wood bridge, looking across the bay to the Saugatuck river, with power stanchions over the train tracks,” and “46-52 Harbor Road.” (Click here to see the photo.)

The good news is: There are lots of little private beaches in the western-most part of Westport that look like this.

And plenty of Westporters are familiar with this otherwise out-of-the-way but very cool slice of our town.

Pat Saviano, Kenny Gilbertie, John Brawley, Rob Jackson, Heidi McGee, Dan Vener, Vanessa Bradford, Glen Cummings, Tom Feeley, Mary Ann Batsell, Andrew Colabella, Jamie Walsh, Jay Tormey and Howard A. Potter all correctly identified exactly what the challenge showed.

Even if they all described it in different ways.

Today’s Photo Challenge is also different. If you know where in Westport you’d see this, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Ed Simek)


6 responses to “Photo Challenge #452

  1. Enterance to Rizzutos

  2. Rizzutos

  3. Yes – solar-powered flamingos at Rizzuto’s. I guess this was a very tough one — even though many people pass this site every day.

  4. Rizzutos at bridge st.

  5. Andrew colabella

    I’m gonna go with rizzutos, save me an antipasto 🤤❤️

  6. Great shot Ed!!
    Chuck and Mimi

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