Photo Challenge #451

Last week’s Photo Challenge was interesting — both the image, and the answers.

Nearly a dozen readers quickly checked in with the correct response: Bruce McFadden’s shot of big beams and heavy machinery indeed showed the swing turntable underneath the William F. Cribari Bridge over the Saugatuck River, connecting Bridge Street and Saugatuck Avenue. (Click here to see.)

But then several others all said it was the underside of the I-95 Saugatuck River bridge, or perhaps another on the same highway.

Fortunately, the I-95 span does not swing open. Imagine the traffic jams if it did!

Congratulations to Morley Boyd, Alfred Herman, Jonathan McClure, Tom Risch, Jim McKay, Diane Silfen, Ken Runkel, Abby Gordon-Tolan, Seth Schachter, Craig Clark, Ann Bacharach, Micheal Simso, Ralph Balducci, Andrew Colabella, Matt McGrath and Howard Potter. You know your undersides of bridge machinery!

Here’s a nice late-summer one challenge. If you know where in Westport you’d see this peaceful scene, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Patti Brill)

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21 responses to “Photo Challenge #451

  1. Harbor Drive

  2. Cedar Point Yacht Club?

  3. Beach at CPYC looking across to Longshore and up the river

  4. Kenny Gilbertie

    Small beach on Harbor Road, right before the bridge.

  5. Small beach on the right as you enter CPYC parking lot.

  6. Off Harbor Rd by Promised Rd. Little neighborhood beach

  7. Maybe at Bea’s house, Saugatuck Shores

  8. Saugautuck Shores, along Harbor Road.

  9. Harbor Road before the bridge to the island.

  10. Vanessa Bradford

    Saugatuck Island facing Lingshore

  11. The stone wall says Harbor Rd. As well as the view

  12. Over the breakwater along Harbor Rd. Saugatuck Shores

  13. Harbor Road

  14. Mary Ann Batsell

    Harbor Rd, Saugatuck Shores

  15. Saugtuck Island

  16. Andrew Colabella

    46-52 Harbor Road

  17. Harbor Road. Andrew is specifically correct.

  18. the Bocanfuso’s beach

  19. Howard A Potter

    Beach on Harbor Road near the wood bridge on saugatuck shores looking across bay to the saugatuck river with power stanchions over train tracks

  20. Yup: Harbor Road!

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