“06880” Podcast: Alison Milwe Grace

Alison Milwe Grace has spent nearly 3 decades in the food world.

From baking cakes in elementary school to working as a cheese monger in high school, waitressing her way through college, managing fine dining establishments post-graduation, becoming executive chef at an award-winning restaurant — and now chef/owner of her own catering company — she has tasted it all.

The other day Alison dished about the industry with me, at the Westport Library’s Trefz Forum. She’s as lively and fun in front of the camera as she is in the kitchen.

Sample her thoughts on catering (pre-, during and post-COVID); local dining trends, and much more — just click the link below.

6 responses to ““06880” Podcast: Alison Milwe Grace

  1. Dorothy Robertshaw

    She is the very best…. Person, teacher, and chef. My son has worked for her for over 16 years … she is amazing ….. Love ,The Robertshaw Family PS her husband is the best mortgage broker in town as well. Websterbank just thought I’d put a little plug-in there.💃👩🏼‍🎤❤️

  2. I knew a Milwe around 1960. He was maybe 3 or 5 years older than me, but I can’t remember his first name. He’d be early 80s now. I’m just curious if he’s a relative.

  3. WOWW!! The Milwes provided our wedding cake on New Years Eve, 1970/71. It was an Incredible NY Style strawberry cheese cake.!! Must be Alison’s grandparents?? It’s wonderful to hear that their love has lasted through the generations.
    They were friends of June and Tracy Sugarman and were inspired by the Civil rights movement at the time.
    Bea had recently gotten a broken nose from a person in the Bridgeport courthouse as Westporters demonstrated against Bridgeport Police Brutality in arresting Black defendants in Bridgeport.
    Bea was a force!!
    Very best of luck to you!!

  4. WOWW!!
    The Milwes provided our wedding cake on New Years Eve 1970/71. It was an incredible NY Style strawberry cheesecake. It’s good to hear that their love was passed down through the generations!
    The Milwes were friends of Tracy and June Sugarman. They were inspired by the Civil Rights movement at the time.
    Bea Milwe had recently gotten a broken nose while demonstrating with Westporters at the courthouse in Bridgeport. The problem was around police Brutality while arresting Black defendants in a Bridgeport neighborhood.
    Bea was a force!!
    Sounds like her granddaughter has inherited many things from her including her determination!!

    Very best of luck to you in your new quest!!

  5. Alison and Team catered a party for us and it was fantastic!! They thought of every detail from the table settings, the parking, of course, the tent, the entertainment, the signature cocktails, Sushi Jerry (still being mentioned 5 years later;) and the unbelievable, very delicious menu. Alison was always smiling and in control. She made the event incredibly special for us!

  6. Roseann Spengler

    Loved your podcast Alison. You are amazingly, articulate and passionate. Wish I were having an event so that I could hire you.
    Also, know you to be a great gal.
    Best, Mrs. Spengler

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