“06880 On The Go”: Memorial Day Parade

“06880” intern Colin Morgeson headed downtown yesterday, for the Memorial Day parade.

Why do people go? he wondered. And what keeps them coming back?

Colin intercut those interviews with parade scenes, and the stirring conclusion to Rabbi Greg Wall’s invocation.

Click below to see. Then scroll down further, for a few extra-special photos from noted Westport photographer Ted Horowitz.


Grand marshal Ben Pepper earned a Purple Heart at the Battle of the Bulge. The former paratrooper turns 100 years old in July.

Korean War veteran Bill Vornkahl has organized over 50 Westport Memorial Day parades.

Another Memorial Day tradition: The Y’s Men of Westport and Weston’s float wins the judges’ top prize.

Former 2nd Selectwoman (and current float competition judge) Betty Lou Cummings.

Miggs Burroughs, Revolutionary War hero.

Proudly marching with Westport’s Community Emergency Response Team.

A small part of the large crowd. (All photos/Ted Horowitz)


3 responses to ““06880 On The Go”: Memorial Day Parade

  1. Andrew Colabella

    There are two names that come to mind when capturing the snapshot and natural essence of an individual.

    J.C. Martin & Ted Horowitz.

    Never cease to amaze me with how well they capture people in their natural element.

  2. Richard Kalt

    Ted Horowitz never fails to chronicle an event with the best photographs. Thank you Ted!

  3. Jeffrey Kapec

    Hello Dan:

    The Memorial Day parade this year was exceptional. A wonderful event, but one element deeply troubled me, to be frank, it was insulting. How was it that Benjamin Pepper, selected to be Grand Marshall for his service in the Battle of the Bulge, was not dignified with a suitable car and information on that car so that all of the people viewing him along the way would know of his deep historic relevance? I mean who was responsible for presenting the oldest veteran in the parade, with the most distinguished historical signature, and placing him in the most diminutive nondescript car in the entire parade? Ben served in the pivotal battle against the Nazis. That battle was an American bloodbath in which many Allied soldiers lost their lives. That battle’s outcome transformed into Germany’s eventual surrender. And, Ben was wounded in that battle. He was with us yesterday. He rode waving to all along the way, in a Volkswagon, and all viewers along the way did not know of his significance. That was shameful. The little leagues got more view relevance than Ben Pepper.

    Jeffrey Kapec