Unsung Hero #286

Mitzi Lyman writes:

It’s quite an accomplishment to start a business. It’s even more remarkable to keep it going for over 30 years.

Fitness Works is the Westport gym that Jo Rasmussen started in 1993. It was a tiny workout space she opened with a partner behind Albe Furs.

A few years later she moved across the Post Road to another small space on the lower level of Playhouse Square, below what was Silver Ribbon (now The Granola Bar).

She enlarged the gym over the years, making it into a large bright space. She has  provided dance (and belly dance) classes, yoga, Pilates and many other programs, along with personal training by herself and others.

Jo brings her own personality and passion to what she does. I am one of many people who have benefited from her keen attention, and determination to get everyone to be physically fit.

Jo is a fascinating person with an amazing personal story.

She is also an exceptional golfer, with shelves of trophies. She coaches the Ridgefield High School teams.

On April 15, Fitness Works celebrated 30 years in business. Congratulations, Jo!

Congratulations for sure! Quietly but with passion and professionalism, Jo Rasmussen has changed many lives. She is this week’s Unsung Hero. 

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2 responses to “Unsung Hero #286

  1. Eric William Buchroeder SHS ‘70

    Capitalism and enlightened self interest has worked many miracles such as this yet is rarely if ever acknowledged except in 06880.

  2. Amelie Babkie

    Congratulations Jo!!
    All our Love – Amy & Rob Babkie

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