“06880” Podcast: Robin Moyer Chung

Is there a “Westport lifestyle”?

If anyone knows, it’s Robin Moyer Chung. She’s the editor of Westport Lifestyle magazine.

The other day, she joined the “06880” podcast. We chatted about that intriguing subject; the Westport few people ever see; the ins and outs of publishing, and much more.

Click below to listen to our conversation — and to learn a lot more about the lifestyles (and lives) of our friends and neighbors.

4 responses to ““06880” Podcast: Robin Moyer Chung

  1. lynda kommel browne

    Thank you Robin and Dan for the wonderful work you do in our community . Thank you for highlighting Wynston’s story as well. Wynston spoke to the to the BOE yesterday evening ( may 15) about equity and inclusion. You can view his comments starting at about 6 and half minutes into the meeting and finishing at about 13 min.

  2. Robin, It’s such a pleasure to read your excellent articles! Funny, smart, insightful. Love love love.

  3. Love the work you do Robin. You’re an important part of Westport. Thanks for being the giving person you are!

  4. Suzanne Hutton

    Robin, You are the best, you have put Westport on the map! You are so funny. I hope some other magazine doesn’t spirit you away from us. Best wishes, Suzanne Hutton

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