Roundup: Club 203 Celebrates, Martha Stewart Returns, Amy Irving Sings …

Thursday was special for dozens of Club 203 members, relatives, friends and volunteers.

TAP Strength hosted the social group for adults with disabilities, at their 8th event of the year.

The “field day” was led by TAP founder EJ Zebro. His 5-person team facilitated stations for soccer, volleyball, dancing, cornhole, musical chairs and giant Jenga.

Also on “tap”: music, snacks, hacky sack prizes, and lots of laughs.

Joining TAP on Jesup Green were MoCA Westport (crafts and art project), Westport Book Shop (open late for parents to hang out), Lesser Evil Popcorn (snacks), and Kevin Godburn of Toquet Hall (tables and chairs).

Club 203’s next event: a fun day May 25, sponsored by Westport’s Parks & Recreation Department. Click here for more information on the group.

EJ Zebro (far right) and friends have fun at Jesup Green.


Martha Stewart returns to Westport June 1 (4 to 6 p.m.).

And not just anywhere. The former resident and longtime lifestyle guru will be back at her old Turkey Hill home. She’ll share memories of her years there, as she started her business and grew her media empire.

She’ll guide guests through the gardens, ending with cocktails and hors d’oeuvres on the patio. (A few guests will stay for dinner with Stewart.)

It’s a fundraiser for Positive Directions, Westport’s behavioral health organization addressing the national mental health crisis.

Tickets are $1,000; $2,500 gets you that dinner. Click here to purchase, and for more details.

Former Westporter Martha Stewart.


A baseball game between the only 2 undefeated teams in the FCIAC should be a nail-biter.

Yesterday’s was anything but.

Chase Siegel threw a perfect game. He needed just 59 pitches to shut down Danbury 10-0. The game ended early, thanks to the mercy (10-run lead) rule.

It’s been a great season so far for the 7-1 Wreckers, whose lone loss was 8-7 to non-league Fairfield Prep.

Staples has been led by pitchers Hiro Wyatt and Chris Zajac — and great defense. They’ve made only 1 error all season long. Ethan Cukier sparkled at shortstop against the Hatters.

In other Wrecker sports news, the boys lacrosse team — 6-1 after knocking off powerhouses like Massapequa, Bergen Catholic and Darien (13-11, storming back from an 8-1 halftime deficit) are ranked 16th in the latest national poll.

Chase Siegel. (Photo courtesy of Allison Ginzburg for The Ruden Report)


Kings Highway Elementary School students arrived early yesterday, to meet 2 special guests.

First Selectwoman Jen Tooker and Police Chief Foti Koskinas starred in a special “Rise & Read” event. They chatted with parents and kids over donuts, hot chocolate and coffee.

Tooker knows KHS well: Her 3 children went there. She read aloud to the current students from a very appropriate book: “Duck for President.”

The youngsters then asked questions, ranging from what she did to if her job is hard, and the benefits of having an office so close to Cold Fusion.

First Selectwoman Jen Tooker, Police Chief Foti Koskinas, and “Duck for President.”


Compo’s South Beach is a great spot for romance.

Last night’s Pics of the Day featured a young couple enjoying the sunset in a hammock.

Also yesterday; another man proposed, to another woman.

Jody Peters saw it all happen, from a discreet distance. She reports: “I think she said yes…she put the ring on and they exchanged a kiss. It was beautiful.”

(Photo/Jody Peters)


Everyone knows Amy Irving as an actress.

She’s now a musician. “Born in A Trunk” includes 10 cover songs, pulled from her life and career.

On June 21 (7 p.m.), Westport welcomes her to the Levitt Pavilion stage.

Free tickets are available now to Levitt members. They’ll be available to everyone else on Monday at noon. Click here for yours.

Amy Irving


For years, one of the joys of Parker Harding Plaza — how’s that for an oxymoron?! — has been the pedestrian bridge.

Jutting into the Saugatuck River just a few yards from asphalt and automobiles, it offers a serene chance to stroll, observe nature, and relax.

Not anymore.

A chain and stern sign now keep everyone at bay.

(Photo/Diane Bosch)

It’s not clear whether the danger is because of rotting wood, to protect nesting swans, or another reason.

Nor is it clear when — or if — the bridge will be safe again.

Or who, exactly, is in charge of making it so.


The apple doesn’t fall far …

Shea Frimmer — child of Coleytown Middle School Company’s theater program — is directing a reading of “9:47” — a world premier play. It’s next Friday (April 28, 7 p.m., Toquet Hall).

The cast includes 2 professional adult actors, and 3 students.

Tickets are $7 in advance, $10 at the door. Click here to purchase.


State Representative Dominique Johnson’s office is open to submissions for a Pride Month video essay contest. Any high school student in Westport or Norwalk can enter.

Video submissions should answer this question: “What is something you have done to build community that makes you most proud?” Creativity counts — but videos must be between 1 and 3 minutes only.

There are 2 categories: 9th-10th grade, and 11th-12th. Winners will receive a state citation, and be honored by Representative Johnson June 10 in Norwalk.

Video submissions should be sent to The deadline is May 15.

Representative Dominique Johnson.


If you’re wondering why the delay on the Merritt Parkway was longer than usual yesterday: There was a car fire by northbound Exit 41.

Be careful out there.

(Photo/Mar Servin)


Heli Stagg manages the Westport Library café. She sees this view — and others like it, though always changing — often.

Today, she shares it with “06880” readers, for our “Westport … Naturally” treat.

(Photo/Heli Stagg)


And finally … in honor of the prodigal daughter returning to town (story above):

(You may or may not want to pay $2,500 — or even $1,000 — to see Martha Stewart. But you can contribute any amount to “06880.” We’re happy for any help! Please click here. And thank you!)


9 responses to “Roundup: Club 203 Celebrates, Martha Stewart Returns, Amy Irving Sings …

  1. Eric William Buchroeder SHS ‘70

    “Martha Stewart (Tax?) Returns”. Well isn’t that SPECIAL!!! Another day another dollar (Oh look!!! There’s a Starbucks where the Cedar Brook Inn used to be – and double parking for double lattes!!!)
    What’s the sequel? A “sentimental journey” to the cell in Danbury? Insider trading is so Westport.

  2. While they are fixing the pedestrian bridge, why not add another 100 feet to it and connect to the other side? Would be awesome!!

    • John, it’s not a bad idea. But should be a separate conversation than the proposal to remove over 40 parking spaces and the cut through road from Parker Harding. Which is just a traffic and business killing proposition.

  3. Congratulations to Chase Siegel and his proud parents Adam and Lori. Pitching a perfect game is very special, especially against an undefeated Danbury team.

  4. Carl Addison Swanson, Wrecker, '66.

    The “Submarine Races” at Compo Beach used to be the ideal spot for some late night romance. Now they close the beach at 10:00 p.m. We need to make Westport “cool” again.

  5. I invite any 06880 reader to name another town with a police chief who goes into an elementary school to “read with kids.” As I’ve said before, we are so very fortunate to have the leader of our law enforcement personnel be a person of such multifaceted interests and talents…and a shout out to Tooker for doing the same.

    Now to the singing of Amy Irving…I have heard it and it is simply dreadful and, for her, I would think embarrassing. A fine actress, she cannot carry a tune in a wheel barrow, sings flat and off key on her new recording and should, simply, not do it.

  6. Melinda Hemson

    Is Snoop Dogg going to be there? Because that’s the only reason I’d every pay $2500 to eat dinner with Martha Stewart.
    I mean, doesn’t she remember being pretty much run out of town?
    She screwed so many people over in Westport, I don’t understand why she is coming back

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