Roundup: Fire Chief, Longshore Inn, Drugs …

Michael Kronick will retire as chief of the Westport Fire Department, effective May 15.

He’ll continue working though, with the state of Connecticut.

1st Selectwoman Jen Tooker says, “I appreciate that Chief Kronick has provided ample time with this announcement so that we may insure a smooth, seamless and professional transition at the Fire Department. 

“The town of Westport and its residents have been very fortunate to be the beneficiaries of Mike’s expertise and dedication for many years. On behalf of the citizens of Westport, his fellow employees, and his firefighting colleagues, I am grateful for Mike’s longstanding and dedicated service to our community. I wish him much success in his future endeavors.”

Westport Fire Chief Michael Kronick.


What’s happening with the Inn at Longshore?

In this week’s “Westport … What’s Happening” podcast, 1st Selectwoman Jen Tooker talks about the new lease modification with Longshore Hospitality LLC.  — and the long-needed updated.

Click below to listen, courtesy of the Y’s Men of Westport and Weston:


In a quick and quiet meeting yesterday, the ad hoc committee reviewing a resident’s complaint about 3 books in the Staples High School library formally approved a recommendation to the Superintendent: Keep them on the shelves.

The vote yesterday reflected the 3 votes — all unanimous — that the board took earlier this month.

The committee thanked assistant superintendent of schools Anthony Buono for writing the report, and the community for their support of its work.

The next step: superintendent of schools will read the report, and make a recommendation to the Board of Education.


Sunday’s “06880” featured Dodie Pettit.

The longtime Westporter was an original “Phantom of the Opera” cast member. That night, she and a dozen others who inaugurated the show were to be honored at the final — and 13,981st — performance.

It was as spectacular an evening as the 35-year musical deserved. There were plenty of bows, by many of the people on stage, and behind the scenes, who made “Phantom” such a wonderful experience.

Here’s one video. Dodie strides proudly into the spotlight around the 1:35 mark, with Sarah Brightman, to well-deserved applause.


Work has begun Work has begun at West Parish and Hillandale Roads for the installation of a 4-way intersection.

The Department of Public Works is handling the much-needed, long-awaited job.

(Photo courtesy of Westport Department of Public Works)


Got drugs?

This Saturday (April 22, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., Senior Center), the Westport Police Department partners with the US Drug Enforcement Administration, for the 24th annual Prescription Drug Take Back Day.

Residents are asked to look in medicine cabinets and drawers for medications that are no longer needed, or out of date. The service is free and anonymous, with no questions asked.

Take Back Day has removed more than 8,300 tons of medication from circulation since its inception.

Collection sites cannot accept illicit drugs, needles or sharps; only pills or patches.

Liquid products, such as cough syrup, should remain sealed in their original container, with caps tightly sealed.

Vape pens with removable batteries can be disposed of at the take-back site. Vape pens without removable batteries are not accepted.

A year-round collection bin is available in the lobby of Westport police headquarters. Prescription drugs can be disposed of any time there. Click here for more information.


Staples High’s April Students of the Month are seniors Tyler Darden and Charlotte Gurley, juniors Jonathan Dionne and Cade McGrath, and sophomores Jonah Bernstein and Vivian Shamie.

They have been honored for helping make the school a welcoming place for their peers and teachers. Principal Stafford Thomas calls them “the ‘glue’ of the Staples community: the type of kind, cheerful, hard-working, trustworthy students who keep the high school together.”

Students of the Month (from left): Jonathan Dionne, Cade McGrath, Jonah Bernstein, Vivian Shamie, Charlotte Gurley, Tyler Darden.


More Staples news:

Seniors Jason Capozucca and Zoe Finger were honored recently at the 28th annual High School Arts Awards by the Connecticut Association of Schools, for their outstanding ability. Staff members selected Zoe for visual art, and Jason for music.

From left: art teacher Carla Eichler, Zoe Finger, Jason Capozucca, principal Stafford Thomas.


Here’s a great idea: a fundraiser where your checkbook stays home.

In fact, you go home with a check in your pocket.

Just look at home for gold.

It may be in the form of broken chains or bracelets, old school rings, watches, earrings, jewelry you never wear — even dental gold.

Bring all the gold you can find to William Raveis Real Estate (47 Riverside Avenue) this Thursday, Friday or Saturday (April 20-22, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.).

“Bob the Gold Man” will buy it, and hand you a check.

Then, over 60% of whatever profits are made after the refining process will be donated in your name to the Damon Runyon Foundation and the Dana Farber Cancer Center.

Reservations are preferred (click here), but walk-ins are accepted. Appointments are every 30 minutes.

Questions? Email

If you’ve got gold ingots lying around, bring them in too.


Going down today: The small Cape at 330 Compo Road South.

It is — er, was — one of the few small houses on the right-side stretch of the road, between Bradley Street and Soundview Drive, as you head toward the water.

(Photo/Matt Murray)


Another house that bit the dust: the one on the first Roseville Road curve coming from the Post Road, just beyond “Little Toot” illustrator Hardie Gramatky’s former home (#60) on the right.

Like Hardie’s — which is still standing — it was a handsome house.

Today, all that remains is this:

(Photo/Molly Alger)


Something different is on tap, at this Thursday’s Jazz at the Post.

Musicians and music lovers will celebrate the music of one of the greatest jazz drummers and bandleaders ever: Art Blakey.

Known as “Buhaina” or “Bu,” he is the father of hard bop. He produced and developed more jazz talent than any other leader of his era. His Jazz Messengers band was the Ivy League of jazz finishing schools,

This week (April 20, 7:30 and 8:45 p.m.; dinner service at 7 p.m., VFW Joseph J. Clinton Post 399) — Part I of the tribute — features an all-star lineup playing classics from his Blue Note recordings of the 1960s.

Musicians include Jazz Messengers alum Steve Davis and Essiet Essiet (trombone and vocals/guitar, respectively), Bill Mobley (trumpet), Michael Cochrane (piano), Steve Johns (drums) and Greg “The Jazz Rabbi” Wall (saxes).

Reservations are highly recommended:


On Sunday, Westport artist Ann Chernow joined printmaker James Reed for the opening of “Collaboration 2020 Encore” at the Center for Contemporary Printmaking in Norwalk.

The exhibit addresses the alchemy of printmaking as it relates to prints of Pablo Picasso. Chernow and Reed combined their knowledge and experience to produce a complex series of lithographs, replicating the famed artist’s imagery.

It runs through May 21. (Hat tip: Ann Chernow)

Print by Ann Chernow.


This was the view at Longshore on Sunday.

I wanted to be sure to post it quickly, as a “Westport … Naturally” feature. Every day during springtime here, the view and the colors change.

(Photo/Sunil Hirani)


And finally … on this day in 1775, Paul Revere (and other riders) warned the Massachusetts countryside of British troop movements. The Battle of Lexington and Concord was about to begin.

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4 responses to “Roundup: Fire Chief, Longshore Inn, Drugs …

  1. Does this mean we never have to hear from the book banners again? Talk about a group that has craved (and received) far too much of Town’s attention for far too long.

    CRT… book banning… Have they called for a Bud Light boycott, yet? I’m sure we’ll hear about the next right-wing bugaboo soon enough.

  2. Eric William Buchroeder SHS ‘70

    Two questions: 1. How many meetings does it take for the library guys to make the “don’t worry the books can stay” decision final?
    2. Why won’t the Westport PD accept illicit drugs? Aren’t they the ones that are causing the most problems? That’s it for now.

  3. Stephanie Frankel

    How about asking the conservative book banner, anti- CRT, anti- LGBTQ group ( Parents 06880) how luch their challenge is costing our schools and town! It is not the Westport Library! It is a public schools attack.

    • Eric William Buchroeder SHS ‘70

      Stephanie, I think I have not made myself clear. The books were bought and paid for probably last year if not before. I would like to see the books stay so people can read them and make up their own mind. I am not a book burner/banner or thought control fanatic. If a parent doesn’t want their kid reading books at the library that’s their problem to solve not mine. Good luck keeping books away from a kid. The decision has been made to keep the books. Let’s move on. My point is that Westport loves to take an issue, any issue and drag it out endlessly until terminal nausea ensues. Peace.

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