Roundup: Marijuana, Senior Living, The Universe …

The Planning & Zoning Commission will discuss 2 interesting pre-applications at its April 24 remote meeting (7 p.m.; click here for the link).

The first is a request by Bluepoint Wellness to discuss converting their medical marijuana dispensary in the BevMax/Julian’s plaza into a “hybrid cannabis retailer.”

That’s a heavy lift. Text amendment #799, adopted in September 2021, prohibits “cannabis establishments” — except for medical marijuana facilities — throughout town.

The second request, submitted by Richard Anderson on behalf of Home Living LLC, is a discussion on a potential text amendment: “how to change the use from a single-family residence into a home for seniors offering in-home services for up to 12 unrelated residents in need of memory care.”

The request for pre-application review says: “Although senior living residences exist in Westport, this is a unique, creative and beneficial project for seniors living in Westport.

“The current senior living options in Westport consist of very large, corporate and institutional-like facilities serving 100 or more senior residents. The subject project will provide real home living and senior services in an intimate and comfortable home setting.”

No further details on the project were submitted.

The waiting area and service desk, at Bluepoint Wellness.


Reminder: The launch party for “Pick of the Pics” — the “06880” book highlighting over 100 of our blog’s best Pics of the Day — is Sunday, April 30 (2 to 4 p.m., Savvy + Grace, 146 Main Street).

Books will be available for purchase at a special price of $20 (regular Amazon price: $24.95).

I’ll sign copies; so will Lyah Muktavaram, my “06880” intern who did 99% of the work on it.

Photographers featured in the book can pick up a free book at the launch party too.

Can’t wait? Click here to order!


Looking for the universe’s missing mass?

Dr. Regina Caputo — a NASA particles researcher — can help you find it. Or at least explain what’s not there.

She’s the next featured speaker at the Westport Astronomical Society’s free online lecture series. Her “Dark Matters: The Search for the University’s Missing Mass” webinar is this Tuesday (April 18, 8 p.m.).

 Click here for the Zoom link; click here for the YouTube link.

Dr. Regina Caputo


Sign-ups end soon for the Joggers’ Club’s great Kids Running Camp, for just $125. Spots are filling up fast.

Boys and girls ages kindergarten through 8th grade learn the basics of running from local champions — and they do it with friends, having fun every step of the way.

Youngsters are divided into age groups. Workouts encourage teamwork and self-motivation.

Also included: track meets, ice cream trucks, free running gear and more.

The Running Skills program runs (ho ho) Sundays (April 23 to June 11), from 2 to 3:15 p.m. at the Staples High School track.

The Speedwork program (middle schoolers only) is Thursdays (April 27 to June 8), from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. at Staples.

For more information, email


A new exhibition at Betty Cunningham Gallery in New York includes works by Stanley Lewis.

He lives in Massachusetts. But the work chosen by ArtDaily to illustrate his work is this: of Westport’s Winslow Park. The oil on canvas was painted between 2010 and 2014.

Click here for more information. (Hat tip: Robin Jaffee Frank)

“Winslow Park, Westport” (Stanley Lewis)


Coincidentally, there was an artist at work yesterday too, at Winslow Park.

Based on a Google Images search — and the style of painting — this could very well be Stanley Lewis, back for another canvas.

(Photo/Molly Alger)


On the Saugatuck River walkway off Parker Harding Plaza, Johanna Keyser Rossi spotted 2 swan eggs.

The next time she looked, there were 7. They’re the stars of today’s “Westport … Naturally” photo.

The most she’s seen before was 4.

“I hope the eggs hatch this time,” she writes.

We all do. And to help make it happen: Stay away! Give this mom some space, and peace.

(Photo/Johanna Keyser Rossi)


And finally … it’s April 15.

In honor of all those who pay their taxes:

(Got a few pennies left over? Looking for something tax-deductible? “06880” is a non-profit — and we rely on reader support. Please click here to contribute. And thank you!)

17 responses to “Roundup: Marijuana, Senior Living, The Universe …

  1. I think it’s time for Westport to come into the 21st century. You can buy marijuana in most towns in Massachusetts. Why not here? Stodgy and puritanical in my opinion.

  2. Chip Stephens. SHS 73

    As I remember when I was on the P and Z when the first and only medical marijuana dispensary was approved at this current location there was a condition agreed to by the applicant that if approved it would never sell recreation marijuana. I believe that conditional approval goes with the location (it does not change with a new owner). I have no opinion on rec or not elsewhere in town, but if this location gets away with this what does any conditional approval mean? Trust in the system lost.

  3. Having the medical marijuana store allowed to sell recreational marijuana makes no sense due to location. The Regent’ Park Condo Association is about 50 to 100 feet from the current medical marijuana location. Regent’s Park is a residential community with 81 Units. There are children in the community that use the parking lot that also, services the medical marijuana store, to ride bikes and many older residents use the parking lot for walking. There is a school bus stop about 300 feet from the store.
    If Westport ever decides to allow recreational marijuana then the store that dispenses it should be located away from any residential area. Furthermore the Post Rd. already has enough traffic and s store that sells recreational marijuana will just add to the traffic on the Post Rd.

    • There is a liquor store right across the street from the medical marijuana location and is similarly close to the residential community, the bus stop, etc. Why is that okay but recreational marijuana isn’t?

  4. Is there a university missing mass?

  5. I am of two different minds concerning the selling of weed in Westport. One is … there is a liquor store nearby, nobody has a problem with that…booze kills more people than weed and the addiction is much more disgusting. Two…. grass causes depression and mental illness. The studies tracking medical users show the peeps much worse after being on weed for medicine. Literally the reports show people consuming medical afflicted with range of issues not seen in other populations.. Psychosis. Small amounts can be ok, large amounts help a person to lose concentration and to become confused, paranoid and delusional. The studies are showing how bad it is for the brain. Even so, alcohol is worse for a brain. Both can be used for temporary relief of anxiety… at what cost? Obviously the medical thing is a backdore for recreational marijuana. No real doctor prescribes getting stoned unless your condition is … so it comes as no surprise that they would be petitioning the authorities. And finally … westport children are famous for having access to the very best herbs. So i woulnt be worried about them, its the drunk and stoned parents i would be worried about. Dealers only fill a need.

    • Dermot Meuchner

      I’d love to see the links to the supposed studies you reference and as far as real doctors you are clueless. Reefer Madness much?

  6. Eric William Buchroeder SHS ‘70

    I hate to break it to you two dud(e)s. Two words: Carbon Monoxide. Inevitable byproduct of combustion. Doesn’t matter if it’s tobacco, cannabis or leaves on a beautiful fall day in bucolic and totally clueless Westport. You breathe in smoke, you kill brain cells because you are denying your brain the oxygen it needs to live. This is before cancer is factored in. That’s why the truly suicidal Westporter worries not about legalizing assisted suicide like they did in VT. You run the motor vehicle’s ICE in a closed garage and go to sleep. Google much? Think much? I doubt it.

  7. Hello Eric, what exactly is your point about suicide? My point is that medical marijuana causes mental illness. People think they are taking their medicine when in reality it is making them sic.

    The reason i asked the previous commenter if he knew how to google is because he asked me to provide links for his bene. We call that google bitch, “Im not your google bitch, look it up yourself”

    But i didnt say that, i provided the link.

    So eric what part of the conversation are you joining with you comments?

    All in fun…tt

    • Eric William Buchroeder SHS ‘70

      Todd, we’re good. Eric

    • Russell Gontar

      The article you provided did NOT say medical marijuana CAUSES mental illness. It says it is linked, not caused, when HIGH POTENCY marijuana is consumed EVERY DAY. No one asserts that occasional use of recreational or medical marijuana causes mental illness. Your article states:

      “…Recent research suggests that smoking high-potency marijuana every day could increase the chances of developing psychosis by nearly five times compared to people who have never used marijuana. The amount of drug used, the age at first use, and genetic vulnerability have all been shown to influence this relationship. The strongest evidence to date concerns links between marijuana use and psychiatric disorders in those with a preexisting genetic or other vulnerability.

  8. To be clear it said, psyciatric disorders are linked to the use of marijuana.

    My research shows:
    All the marijuana is high potency, nowadays.

    Many people ingest everyday.

    It’s rare to find people with a medical card that just take one puff on saturday night.

    In fact it is highly addictive. Like booze and gambling.

    • Russell Gontar

      Yes, that’s right. It said linked, not caused, because the causation you assert has not been established by science and that is precisely why the NIH used the word linked instead of caused. The terms do not mean the same thing. Of course, you would already know that because of your “research”.

      Furthermore, it is false to assert all marijuana is of high potency and that it is highly addictive. There is no research to support such misinformation.

      And I’ll assume that those with medical cards use their medicine as directed by their physicians, like most people who take their medicine as prescribed. Maybe you don’t.

      • How dare you say i dont take my medicine as described.

        Russell, the science is showing it is hurting more than helping. That is the whole point of the NIH position paper i offered in evidense of my point. If everybody was taking it as described it wouldnt be making them crazy, if they werent smoking the high potency stuff.

        In te 60s weed had about 5 percent thc, today it has between 15 and 30 percent. It is at least 3 to 6 times stronger,. It is not even the same drug. Many thousands of Amrricans are daily users. The one medical use is for appetite, you know it gives you the munchies.

        The multi billion dollar tax revenue across the nation with shops in every town — to increase the appetite.

        If the science proves that it is such great medical prescription why cant i get it filled at cvs? Spare me your bs

  9. David J. Loffredo

    I think if Westport doesn’t want to host an recreational Pot store (and say Fairfield or Norwalks does), then Westporters shouldn’t be allowed in other towns to buy from them.

    As a long time Aspen person, be very careful when you venture back into this space. If there are a dozen strain options, head towards the weakest and work your way up from there – this stuff has evolved past more than you might expect.

  10. Eric William Buchroeder SHS ‘70

    Here’s a little Westport historical factoid you won’t hear anywhere else. Back in the day, Westport hired a retired MD to serve as the school’s medical person at the “new Staples” (probably around 1958). Anyhow, this person took it upon itself (note pronoun) to prescribe tranquilizers to students who were going through emotional “issues” (back then they were just called “problems.” ) The MD in question chose not to bring the parents of the children into the equation. Upon learning of this, Dr. Lebhar immediately got the MD fired. My question is: What would Dr. Lebhar say about the “should we have marijuana/CBD/vape shops in Westport” question. I also think he would view it as an obvious case of parents abdicating their responsibilities in favor of an overly activist town government. WHAT SAYEST THOU Jen?

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