Scenes From A Storm: Part 4

“06880” readers were out in force today, capturing the force of the mostly-wind storm.

Wind gusts continue. A (very) brief period of sun gave way to more rain.

As of 2:45 p.m., Eversource was making steady headway with Westport’s power outages. There were 491 customers still without service — 3.87% of the town — down from earlier numbers. Weston reported 318 customers without electricity (8.16%).

Statewide, 61,792 customers lacked power (4.77%). 

Next up: plunging temperatures. Stay safe and warm, wherever you are!

Close to the pavilion …(Photo/Nathan Greenbaum)

… and the cannons. (Photo/Nathan Greenbaum)

Cool — or foolhardy? (Photo/Nathan Greenbaum)

Bridge Square (William Whitmal)

Saugatuck River, as it’s seldom seen … (Photo/Mark Taglia)

… and near the I-95 Exit 17 ramp, where a boat is seldom seen. (Photo/Patti Brill)

These baseballs floated out from one of the (flooded) Compo Cove garages. Only 52 days till the start of spring training! (Photo/Matt Murray)

5 responses to “Scenes From A Storm: Part 4

  1. John D McCarthy

    Love the baseball picture and comment

  2. Good one Ed. I bought my dog a Hanukkah Donald Trump for prison collar. Happy holidays to all.

  3. Gloria Gouveia

    Relieved to see the photographer also acknowledge the source of “the spill”. Baseballs washing up on the beach might otherwise be construed as Yankees retribution for Ed Doucette’s comment.

  4. Eric William Buchroeder SHS ‘70

    I gave my dog a cookbook from the Westport Museum of History and Culture. The dog is still throwing up.