Final Meal For Manna Toast

Manna Toast — the Church Lane non-GMO, sustainable, artisanal, organic restaurant —just sent this note to their customers, partners, local farms and suppliers, and supporters:


Each and every one of you has been part of Manna Toast’s success.

While we have made the decision to close at the end of this year (December 30), we are proud of our accomplishments. In serving almost 30,000 customers, we’ve helped inspire a cultural shift towards plant-based eating.

We’ve educated so many about the value of supporting local food initiatives and importantly, lowering our collective impact on the environment by composting over 15,000 pounds of food waste, and consistently investing in compostable and recyclable packaging.

A Manna Toast meal at its May 2020 opening.

We started Manna Toast with a mission and purpose, a lot of which has been
accomplished. We provided well-paying jobs during one of the most economically challenging times in our history, and want to thank our loyal employees that have been with us since the beginning.

We especially want to thank the Westport community and the town of Westport’s wide range of departments (Health, Building, Planning & Zoning, Fire, Police, Board of Selectmen) who were so supportive of our new business launch and efforts to help revitalize downtown.

Manna Toast’s anniversary dinner, in 2021.

We’re closing because Manna’s operations were designed for rapid growth and with the intention of opening multiple cafes across Fairfield County. In the current labor market, in our segment of the restaurant industry and due to other priorities in our personal and business lives, we’ve chosen not to open further cafes and to not invest to scale the business.

We hope that others will go forward and build on the success we’ve had in
serving this wonderful community.

Please come enjoy your Manna favorites over the next 3 weeks, and let us thank you and end the year with health and happiness.

7 responses to “Final Meal For Manna Toast

  1. What a shame. One of our favorites !!!

  2. John D McCarthy

    This is really sad news.

  3. David Cleveland

    This business got 1.5 million in ppp.

  4. Wonder what happened to the almost 2 million dollars they got from US taxpayers?

    • Eric William Buchroeder (got all A’s in my SHS History classes) SHS ‘70

      $150k (10%) went to TBG. The rest???….that’s why they called it Manna (it’s) Toast. The History Detectives at Westport’s Museum of History and Culture are on this case like a rash, don’t worry. There’ll be a documentary webinar screening at the new, improved Westport Library of Subjective Truth before the next election. Time to find another town to flip.

  5. Stephanie Frankel

    NOOOOOOOOO! Don’t Go!

  6. Sad news indeed.