“06880” Podcast: Matthew Mandell

The Westport Weston Chamber of Commerce is unlike any other Chamber, anywhere.

Instead of lobbying for business interests, it organizes on-the-ground events to actually help businesses succeed. The Slice of Saugatuck, Dog Festival, Supper & Soul concerts, Pizza and Hamburger Contests — they’re all Westport Chamber efforts.

And they’re all spearheaded by executive director Matthew Mandell. The other day, I chatted with him at the Westport Library for an “06880” podcast.

His route to the job was intriguing. His work for the Chamber (and the Representative Town Meeting, where he represents District 1) is fascinating. And his insights into this town — its retailers and restaurants, its politics, and what makes it tick — are delivered clearly and strongly.

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6 responses to ““06880” Podcast: Matthew Mandell

  1. Matt’s very talented and also a great guy ‼️
    Excellent combination 👍🏼

  2. Great interview with Matt Mandell. I’ve always thought of him as the hardest working guy in Saugatuck…

  3. Christopher Marcocci

    Westport is lucky to have Matt! Awesome job!!!
    also, since he loves Saugatuck, a quick shout out to one of the newest businesses, Saugatuck Provisions. Excellent! Give it a try.

  4. Well done Matthew and Dan! I agree 100% with Chris, Westport and Saugatuck is lucky to have Matthew as a representative to all that is good in our community.
    When Matthew speaks on zoning issues – LISTEN

  5. Great interview of a guy who who serves Westport’s – and Westporter’s – interests SO well!

  6. Great podcast Dan. You had an excellent guest and a good friend. Matt does so much for Westport. Thanks Matt!

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