Pics Of The Day #2024

Old Mill Beach … (Photo/Patricia McMahon)

… and Grace Salmon Park ,,, (Photo/Patricia McMahon)

… and the nearby Riverwalk … (Photo/June Rose Whittaker)

… and the Saugatuck River downtown (Photo/June Rose Whittaker)

2 responses to “Pics Of The Day #2024

  1. Nancy Sherburne

    Since I live in Tucson, AZ, I have no idea what body of water (I take it it’s a river) runs by Riverwalk. I grew up in Westport but moved to Tucson in January of 1972 to escape Connecticut’s winters. Since Tucson is almost devoid of bodies of water (it is, after all, a desert town), I like to bookmark these pics to grace my laptop screen. Unfortunately, web pages don’t work on my Chromebook so I could not save the one of Grace Salmon Park so I’ll look for a similar photo online.

    • Nancy, the Riverwalk is on the Saugatuck River, just south of the Ruth Steinkraus Cohen (Post Road) bridge. It’s adjacent to the Westport Library — but when you moved from Westport, that was the site of the town dump, next to the Taylor Parking lot at the foot of Jesup Green. Hope that helps!

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