Roundup: Suicide Support Group, Sustainable Westport, Savvy + Grace …

A new (and free) support group — “Alternatives to Suicide: Navigating the Darkness Together” — launches October 4. The group meets Tuesdays (7 p.m., 90 Post Road West).

Sponsored by Positive Directions, it’s a safe, non-clinical and peer-led space where people 18 and older can talk openly and non-judgmentally. about suicide thoughts, attempts or experiences like self-harm.

Positive Directions says, “We do not assume suicidal thoughts are connected to mental illness, and you do not need to be experiencing a current crisis to attend. No referrals or connection to mental health services is needed.

People are welcome to show up to a meeting, or call 203-227-7644 or email for more information.


Today’s LobsterFest will draw 1,500 people to Compo Beach. There are lobsters, steaks, beer, wine — and plenty of waste.

The sponsoring Westport Rotary Club is on it. Lobster shells will be recycled (after de-banding); bottles are recyclable, and there’s plenty of composting.

An added element: Sustainable Westport will host informational stations throughout the event. Attendees can learn all about our town’s Zero Weaste and Net Zero initiatives, and how they can help.

Lobsterfest is always a good time. Today, it’s educational too.

Sustainable Westport’s waste stations, at last week’s Slice of Saugatuck.


Last month, “06880” reported on the kerfuffle involving outdoor tables at Nômade (the new Main Street restaurant replacing Tavern on Main) and Savvy + Grace (the gifts-and-more store on the street level, underneath the eatery).

Shoppers have had a narrow path to the store – until yesterday.

In 13 years of publishing “06880,” I’ve posted dozens of photos of entitled drivers. This is the first one of an entitled bicyclist:


Yesterday’s “Westport … Naturally” photo showed a beautiful caterpillar, about to become an even more beautiful butterfly.

Today’s illustrates nature in action: a monarch butterfly being devoured by a praying mantis.

It’s a gorgeous world out there. But it’s a jungle, too.

(Photo/Melissa Crouch Chang)


And finally … It took 62 years. But on this day in 1983, Vanessa Williams became the first Black Miss America.


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6 responses to “Roundup: Suicide Support Group, Sustainable Westport, Savvy + Grace …

  1. As I park my bike around town, I’m amazed how few bike racks exist.
    Has anyone seen a bike rack:
    – on Main Street
    – at Compo Shopping Center (CVS)
    – at the Village Center (Fresh Market)
    – Ay Playhouse Square Mall (Organic Market)
    – at Trader Joes’s?

    Of course one could park their bike at the Library and walk to all these locations which would lessen the efficiency of biking there

    I’ll keep looking, Jerry

  2. Viva Vanessa

  3. What an incredible picture, Melissa Crouch Chang!!

  4. Eric William Buchroeder SHS ‘70

    The bike isn’t in anybody’s way and it’s nice to see a Westporter actually doing something tangible to save the planet as opposed to the characteristic sanctimony of our leaders in DC.

  5. Eric William Buchroeder SHS ‘70

    Let’s make Westport a “sanctuary city” for the energetic and an enemy of the slothful. Unless you have an acknowledged disability and accompanying credentials on your vehicle you are not allowed to operate a motor vehicle within the confines of the downtown. That means east of Riverside and west of Roseville bisected by north of the Merritt and south of Compo Beach Rd. Feel free to utilize available 3rd party transportation to your heart’s content or better yet, walk or ride a bike.

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