LobsterFest: Huge Town Party Needs Cooks, Crackers And More

It may be the biggest party in town.*

Tickets are going fast LobsterFest — the September 17 lobster/steak/ drinks/music/kids’ activities blowout at Compo Beach.

In fact, by the time this is posted it may already be sold out.

But you can still go. Just sign up to volunteer!

It takes many hands to put on the massive fundraiser. (Which raises massive funds. This year’s goal is $200,000, to help dozens of charitable projects in Fairfield County and around the world.)

Besides all those hard-working Rotarians, folks of all ages are needed to greet the 1,500 guests, crack lobsters, prep other food, cook, pour beer and wine, carry trays for seniors, sell raffle tickets, etc. etc., etc. haul trash

And of course, help set up and clean up.

LobsterFest volunteers

It’s a true community-wide event. And besides giving much-needed aid, volunteers can enjoy it too. They get a burger or hot dog, a drink ticket, a cool t-shirt — and share in the camaraderie of a fun, truly feel-good day.

The Rotary Club has thought of everything, to make LobsterFest sizzle. The mid-September date ensures that the lobsters have finished shedding their old shells, so they’re especially big.

Texas Roadhouse returns to cook the steaks, to perfection. There are several great beer vendors, and non-alcoholic drinks.

The Rotary Club takes sustainability seriously. Lobster shells are recycled (after de-banding); bottles are recyclable, and there’s plenty of composting.

There are more tents than ever, and — for those worried about COVID — a drive-thru option, to pick up your surf-and-turf.

The band HRMB will play its popular classic rock. Youngsters will love Daisy Mae and Mr. Bumbles — noted entertainers on the kids’ circuit.

Chowing down at last year’s LobsterFest.

But, Rotary officials emphasize: It can’t happen without volunteer help.

Many hands make light work.

And 3,000 lobsters broil.

(LobsterFest is Saturday, September 17, from 3 to 7 p.m. Click here to volunteer. Click here for tickets, if available. There are still spots for sponsors, too. Email ganderson24@optonline.net for more information.)

*Besides the June 30th fireworks.

(Like LobsterFest, “06880” relies on community support. Please click here to help.)

3 responses to “LobsterFest: Huge Town Party Needs Cooks, Crackers And More

  1. michael chait

    “Consider The Lobster”, an article by David Foster Wallace argues against the inhumane treatment of lobsters in the context of the annual Maine Lobster Festival, arguing the ethical concerns brought about through the unnecessarily painful deaths of lobsters in order to appease the festival attendees. Just a thought. How about a different kind of festival to engender community spirit?

  2. Dermot Meuchner

    Not the time to talk about painful lobster death. Maybe they’ll have a vegan version available.

  3. Cristina Negrin

    I volunteered as a “cracker” at the lobster distribution table for too many years to remember. I loved every minute. From here in Michigan now I’m still thinking about making the trip JUST TO DO THIS PARTY!! Given airline freakouts I’m hesitant to embark on hassles but still thinking about it. It’s such a great day!ps that’s me in the picture on the far right lookin’ happy!