Pics Of The Day #1957

Dakota is a popular Grace Salmon Park dog walker. They listen intently to his commands. The other day they posed for a photo …

,,, and then headed out for some fun. (Photos/Pam Kesselman)

4 responses to “Pics Of The Day #1957

  1. joshua stein

    Thats way too many dogs for one dog walker. Some towns have restrictions on how many dogs can be walked at once, at least in public/open spaces. Three might be a good number…

    • Hi Eric … I respectfully disagree and I want to thank Dan Woog, a highly respected long term member of the Westport community for sharing this picture. There shouldn’t be a limit at all. If the dogs all listen (as you can see my pack does beautifully), sit and stay while people pass then what’s the issue? One dog is too much for some people. I would rather have a pack of dogs that all listen than one crazy dog that jumps on people, which I see way too often. I would love for you to see what a good and respectful pack of dogs this is and how they act. 

      Please stop causing issues where there isn’t one. Just because it’s your opinion, you end up hurting people that are dedicated to taking care of the all important canines in our community, and trying to make a living. I think dogs should be able to go wherever humans go, off leash. I think we have too many restrictions in a number of our towns. How about we allow dogs in more places that are well trained and behaved? We should offer more places for our well-loved members of our families. 

      I welcome a thoughtful and constructive discussion on this topic and know many others do as well.  

      • Joshua Stein

        Sorry but I still disagree. Well trained dogs can succumb to pack mentality or something can set them off. I paid for solo dog walks for my K9 for years, for good reason. Out of curiosity, does your insurance put any limitations on how many dogs can be walked at once? Thanks.

  2. Thanks for the pictures Pam, was great talking with you!