Photo Challenge #399

“Sherwood” is a famous name in Westport.

The seagoing family — which included triplets — have a state park, diner, drive, lane and connector named for them.

They are most closely connected with Greens Farms. But they lived all over town.

So which “Sherwood House,” built in 1808, was last week’s Photo Challenge? (Click here to see.)

Bruce Salvo, Wendy Schaefer, Bobbie Herman, Derek Fuchs, Andrew Colabella, Janice Strizever and Sal Liccione all knew: the building that is now Spotted Horse Tavern.

It was moved a few feet from its original location on Church Lane, during the Bedford Square project. But the plaque attests to its history — even if most patrons, intent on snagging a table or seat at the bar, never see it.

Everyone has seen this week’s Photo Challenge. If you know where in Westport it is, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Tracy Porosoff)


16 responses to “Photo Challenge #399

  1. New bathroom at South Beach?

  2. Robert Mitchell

    Ned Dimes

  3. Elaine Marino

    Building at Ned Dimes Marina.

  4. Nicola Sharian

    Ned Dimes Marina

  5. Restroom door at Compo Marina..

  6. Jonathan Prager

    Entrance to Ned Dimes Marina events building…

  7. Ned Dimes Marina

  8. Mary stewart

    Marina at compo- I recognize that shade of blue!

    • It is the door to the Ned Dimes Marina “clubhouse” – an event space available from Parks & Rec for a fairly low fee.

      • I should have paid more attention to the double lock. Do I get a door prize for being close?🤨

  9. Michael Szeto

    Front door to building in Ned Dimes Marina

  10. Andrew Colabella

    Ned Dimes Front Door

  11. Door to building at Compo Beach Marina

  12. Richard Hyman

    LOL. When I read this, I was sitting in my car right in front of it! Ned Dimes Marina (Ladies restroom.) Compo Beach

  13. Richard Hyman

    Whoops. I meant the clubhouse.

  14. Joelle Malec

    Door to bathroom at marina