Photo Challenge #398

The parking lot for OKO is tight.

But if you find a spot — for the restaurant, for L’Antiquaire or the other stores nearby (or to sneak over to Bartaco) — you’re rewarded with some gorgeous flowers. (Click here to see.) 

That was last week’s Photo Challenge. It stumped some of our most reliable regulars.

But Lee Ann Bollert and Amy Schneider knew where this semi-hidden scene could be seen. Congratulations!

Today’s challenge should be much easier. If you know where in Westport you’d see this, click “Comments” below.

NOTE: “It’s the Sherwood Mansion” does not count as a correct answer.

And no Googling!

(Photo/Ed Simek)

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10 responses to “Photo Challenge #398

  1. On Hillspoint right near Mill Pond?

  2. Bob Weingarten

    I will wait a while so others can guess the location. I did the history for this place and had the plaque made at the owners request. The plaque program is still very strong with over 450 plaque mounted since 1978. If anyone believes their house should have a plaque, please contact me at Good luck.

  3. Bruce H Salvo

    Spotted Horse Bar

  4. Green Farms Road just by Sherwood Farms Lane,


    Spotted Horse Tavern

  6. Bobbie Herman

    The Spotted Horse?

  7. you’re right, this is much easier than last week … spotted horse, just to the right of the entrance door.

  8. Andrew Colabella

    The Spotted Horse (killer lava cake and tiramisu)

  9. Janice Strizever

    Spotted Horse

  10. Spotted horse I new it