Roundup: Ignazio’s Pizza, Grace Salmon Park, Cribari Bridge …

In May, “06880” reported that Ignazio’s was looking for a new owner.

The asking price was $275,000. Rent is $8,000 a month.

The restaurant in the former Bertucci’s space is now closed. Tables and chairs are stacked outside, and lights are off inside.

A phone call brings this cheery-sounding message: “Hi! You’ve reached Pizza Life, formerly Ignazio’s. We are remodeling, and will be back soon!”

Meanwhile, Ignazio’s’ website — still live — promises a new location, coming soon to Mystic. The original location was in Brooklyn.

Iganzio’s opened in Westport in November 2019, just 4 months before COVID struck.

Ignazio’s, this week. (Photo/Matt Murray)


Grace Salmon Park is one of Westport’s most beautiful — and underrated — places to relax.

Yesterday, it was a classroom.

University of Connecticut master gardeners (and Westport residents) Monica Buesser, Alice Ely and Nathalie Fonteyne  conducted an invasive plant workshop. It was sponsored by the Westport Garden Club.

Sixteen participants learned about the park’s top 15 invasive plants. They then broke into 4 groups, each canvasing a quarter of the site — and found several different invasives.

The next step: using the data to apply for a grant for removal of invasives from Grace Salmon.

Buesser — the conservation chair of the Westport Garden Club —  plans to be at Grace Salmon Park every Thursday from 8 to 10 a.m. (weather permitting). She invites everyone interested in weeding or learning more about the park’s plants to join her.

“You can’t miss me. I wear overalls!” she says.

Grace Salmon Park is a beautiful spot. Like many in Westport, however, it is home to several invasive species. (Photo/Patricia McMahon)


Seen on the Town of Westport’s Instagram:

The Public Works Department was out in force on Bridge Street. Workers cut back branches and brush that had encroached on the pedestrian walkway leading to Saugatuck.

It won’t make your drive over the Cribari Bridge any quicker. But it’s sure a boon to the many bikers, joggers and walkers who love the view.

(Photo courtesy of Department of Public Works)


Three Westport non-profits have received CT Humanities grants:

  • United Nations Association Southwestern Connecticut, Westport: $4,980, for “When the Stars are Scattered” author/illustrator visits.
  • Westport Country Playhouse: $14,750 for the production of “From the Mississippi Delta” this coming October.
  • Westport Museum for History & Culture: $4,074 for “Saugatuck Stories: Walking Tour Exploring Diverse Experiences.”


Sure, NASA is excited about the James Webb Space Telescope.

But the Westport Astronomical Society has Cal Powell.

The former WAS president hosts the “Cal & Friends Meteorite Show & Tell Party” on Tuesday (July 19, 8 p.m.).

Cal received his first meteorite in 2010, as a going-away gift from WAS. He started collecting them a few years later. His collection of nearly 400 specimens covers most meteorite classifications.

Cal will his present his extensive personal meteorite collection, and introduce Stefan Nicolescu with rare samples from Yale’s Peabody Museum. The WAS adds: “Bring your own meteorites and assemble your meteorwrongs!” Click here for more information.


Noted local artists Miggs Burroughs and Ann Chernow hosted the third and final noir film last night, on the Westport Library’s large Trefz Forum screen.

“Nightmare Alley” was part of the series accompanying the artists’ “Double Indemnity” art exhibit, in the Library’s Sheffer Gallery. It runs through August 6.

Miggs Burroughs and Ann Chernow. (Photo/Dave Matlow)


Today’s “Westport … Naturally” photo is as delectable as it gets: raspberries, straight from Lauri Weiser’s back yard.

(Photo/Lauri Weiser)


And finally … Lauri Weiser’s photo (above) reminds us of …

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6 responses to “Roundup: Ignazio’s Pizza, Grace Salmon Park, Cribari Bridge …

  1. Hi Dan – you neglected to mention that Monica Buesser is also Chair of the Town’s Tree Board

  2. and Alice Ely is also a Tree Board member

  3. Monica K Buesser

    And I will be there from 8am to 10am on Thursdays (not noon!) working on our civics gardens and surrounding areas.

  4. Werner Liepolt

    Kudo’s and thanks to both the Westport Garden Club and the Department of Public Works for sprucing up and addressing the aesthetic and recreational needs Grace Solomon Park and the sidewalk along our portion of the Route 136 scenic highway fulfill.

  5. Isabelle Breen

    Although Laurie’s photo looks delicious, those are not raspberries; they are wineberries and an invasive species. I had a ton of them in my yard and would pick them and eat them (if you can get them before the birds do). They are sweet when ripe, but not with any real distinct flavor. Used to be fun when the kids were little.

  6. Matt Lechner

    It’s not easy for a basic small pizza place to pay $8000/month but that’s what it takes in Westport, so now the LL may wind up with “x” months of vacancy, but he “won” – he broke the merchant’s back, and can go to the golf club and brag to his friends. That’s commercial real estate today – a world of puffed up and imaginary numbers, where basic business is largely priced out of the market. If the place were in Rockefeller Center, could it pay $8000/month ? yes, probably. But a small store on the Post Road in Westport ? even with 100,000 “Hail Mary’s” not a chance. Realistically, maybe it could cover $2200/month, or $2000. But the landlord won – he can go brag about it at his golf club. That’s how it’s done today, mostly. And I believe in free enterprise – but so often today, commercial landlords demand the sun, the moon, and the stars from local business people – and this is what happens. Tragedy. Was a home lost in the process ? the elites of Westport would get a really belly-laugh if one were.