Roundup: Staples Lacrosse, Levitt Kids, Rev. Hezekiah Ripley …

In a seismic performance that rocked the state, the Staples boys lacrosse team stunned perennial powerhouse Darien 12-3 yesterday. It was the Wreckers’ first-ever state L (large schools) championship.

The game, played before a large crowd at Sacred Heart University, was even more one-sided than that. Staples led 9-1 at halftime, and never looked back.

Though the Westporters were seeded #2, and the Blue Wave #1, the only people not surprised by the overpowering win were the winners themselves.

Coach Will Koshansky and his staff prepared their squad well. The game plan — hold on to the ball on each possession, frustrating Darien’s offense and defense — worked to perfection.

Staples was led by Mason Schaefer (first goal, 1:23 into the game), Gavin Rothenberg (4 goals), Charlie Howard (3 goals, adding to his career-record total), Derek Sale (2 goals, 1 assist), Ryan Thompson (3 assists), and faceoff specialist Henry Dodge, who took away one of the Wavers’ most potent weapons.

Darien came back from a 9-7 deficit to win the regular season game, 15-10. There was no comeback yesterday — only an ever-lengthening Wrecker lead, and soon the state crown.

Congratulations to Coach Koshansky, his staff, and the entire Staples boys lacrosse program!

The state champion Staples High School boys lacrosse team.


The Levitt Pavilion’s popular Children’s Series returns next week. It begins June 22, and runs every Wednesday at 7 p.m. through August 24. All 10 shows are free, with a ticket. Member online access began yesterday; public access begins today (Monday) at noon. Click here to reserve a ticket.

The Children’s Series kicks off with Josh Lovelace, whose new release is a modern pop-infused take on his trademark family-style Americana music.

Other performers include:

  • June 29: Falu (2022 Grammy Award-winner, Best Children’s Album)
  • July 6: Joanie Leeds (2021 Grammy winner, Best Children’s Music Album)
  • July 13: The Hall Family (beloved annual tradition)
  • July 20: Brady Rymer & the Little Band That Could (3 Grammy nominations)
  • July 27: Smity + Yarn (reggae funk, folk, country and roots)
  • August 3: Lucy Kalantari & the Jazz Cats (2 Grammy nominations)
  • August 10: Elena Moon Park & Friends (folk and children’s songs from Asia)
  • August 17: Divinity Roxx (Grammy nominated)
  • August 24: Tim Kubart & the Space Cadets (2016 Grammy winner, Best Children’s album).


Speaking of the Levitt: Fleetwood Mac tribute band Tusk entertained a large crowd there last night. The summer has begun!

(Photo/Lauri Weiser)


Yesterday’s rededication of the newly restored Green’s Farms Church included the usual: speeches, a ribbon-cutting, refreshments.

It also included the unusual: a visit from Rev. Hezekiah Ripley, one of the most noted pastors in the 311-year-old church’s history. He served from 1762 to 1821; Martha Washington honored him with a gift of pewter.

Rev. Hezekiah Ripley in the Green’s Farms Church cemetery,, yesterday. (Photo/Tom Lowrie)

Green’s Farms Church began in 1711 as the parish’s religious, educational and social center, at what is now the corner of the I-95 Exit 18 parking lot, near the Sherwood Island Connector and Greens Farms Road.

It moved to its current Hillandale Road location in 1789. The current building dates to 1853. Click here for more details of this remarkable institution.


Robert Braczyk sends a photo …

… and writes:

“We discovered this pattern in our Cross Highway back yard a week ago. It is 3 28-inch singed squares of grass in a roughly equilateral triangle, approximately 13 feet on each side.

“We have owned our house since 1968, and know there is nothing under the ground in that area.

“We consulted our lawn service, pool service and an arborist, who had been over the area 2 months earlier. We’ve asked our adjoining neighbors to look at it.

“People have suggested it could be grubs, a hot barbecue grill on the grass, spilled weed killer, a prank, and a couple of others ideas. None of those explanations are possible. We were at home throughout the time that it developed. I wonder if anyone else in Westport has seen anything like this.”

So, “06880” readers: What’s up (or down)? If you have an idea, click “Comments” below.


“Westport … Naturally” kicks off the week with a beautiful photo.

(Photo … Elisabeth Lewey)

Beautiful, that is, unless she’s in your garden, or leaping in front of your car.


And finally … in honor of the Staples boys lacrosse team’s huge state championship win yesterday: Sure, it’s a trite musical selection. But this song says it all.

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  1. Back Yard: Dead give-away- Podium impressions of Eric Von Daniken’s Meta Verse Commencement Speeches with Edger Casey & Harry Houdini for the opening of the local dispensary.

  2. To Mr Braczyk, maybe sun reflections off windows or other shiny surfaces?

  3. II am a veteran of a forgotten part of Westport history where, due to overcrowding at Greens Farms School, my second grade classes were at Greens Farms Church in 1955-56. My teacher, Ruby Sperry, along with Ms. Shapiro, Healy an Lewis taught in all 4 available classrooms. My sister, 2 years behind me in kindergarten, was at the main Greens Farms school but in the following year, I was in third grade with Annette Gandley at the main school while my sister was in 1st grade at the Saugatuck Congregaitonal Church, not even in the school district. We started off the 1957-58 school year in double-session until December, when Burr Farms School opened.

    I don remember Mrs. Gandley entertaining us on rainy days by bringing in her 78 RPM Bing Crosby records. Mrs. Reynolds, our music teacher (whose husband Kendrick Reynolds also taught music), had 78 RPM records recorded in the acoustic era. Often a single musical piece would require 2 or 3 discs to be completed. Our songbook consisted of the top hits of the early 1900s, all safety beyond copyright.

  4. Did someone stop a running, really hot lawnmower in those spots for an extended period of time?

  5. My two sons, Matt and John Porio played on the first Varsity Lacrosse team. It was a “club” sport before. The Team had some talent and loads of heart with devoted Parents and Staff backing them all the way.
    John and his Dad were at the game yesterday and could not be more thrilled at this first State Championship.
    So happy for them! And for my boys who were so devoted to the game!

  6. Michael Calise

    Looks like the stabilizing pads from a piece of machinery such as a bucket truck.

  7. Harris Falk

    Capped dry wells or outhouse pits.
    The house is from 1929.
    How certain are you there’s nothing under the ground?

  8. Actually the site of the FIRST Greens Farms Congregational church is not at the corner of Greens Farms Road and the connector. That is the SECOND location. The first is at the old West Parish town green, otherwise known as Machamux park. My source is “Greens Farms Connecticut The Old West Parish of Fairfield” written by George Penfield Jennings. Just finished reading it. Also you’ll see key dates on the plaque on the rock in the park.
    Art Schoeller
    Greens Farms Association

  9. Dan, it is likely you got the dear deer’s pronouns all wrong. The small bumps you see just inside the ears are about to become “in the velvet” antlers which this young buck will polish to perfection on young saplings. Then he/his will use them to fight off other he/his bucks and impress the she/her does. Or will they?/theirs?