“06880” Podcast: Tom Henske


It — and what it buys — is everywhere in Westport. From homes, cars and clothes to investments, vacations and college tuition, we think and talk about it. A lot.

Many Westporters make their living helping others make more of it.

But most of us don’t know how to talk about it. Especially with kids.

Tom Henske knows how to make it — and discuss it. A noted wealth manager and financial planning advisor who now consults on life insurance matters with high-net worth individuals, he is on a mission to educate parents on how to talk about $$$$ with their children.

He’s developed a program called “Money-Smart.” He’s a frequent contributor to CNBC. The other day, he sat down in the Westport Library’s Trefz Forum, for a Verso Studios “06880” podcast.

It was a fascinating, informative chat. The half hour you’ll invest in watching the video below may may pay dividends for years to come.

3 responses to ““06880” Podcast: Tom Henske

  1. Carl Addison Swanson

    Perhaps if more kids worked in this area, they would not have to be taught the value of money?

  2. Britt Szostak

    Really enjoyed this conversation. Great stories shared on such an important topic. Look forward to getting access to the 12 Tick Tocks ! Learning about how to manage finances through experiences – the earlier the better. Will there be one on guidance around sports betting ?

  3. Tom, it’s awesome to see how Money-Smart Kids has evolved over the years! From the Lenox summer internship 10+ years ago it’s great to see it’s still going strong.