Fatal Crash On Saugatuck Avenue

At approximately 4:20 p.m. today, Westport’s Police Department, Fire Department and Emergency Medical Services responded to the area of 294 Saugatuck Avenue near the Norwalk town line, on a report of a 2-car accident.

One driver was conscious, and able to speak with emergency responders. That person was extricated by firefighters and transported to the hospital for treatment. The driver of the other car was unresponsive and did not have a pulse. That individual was pronounced deceased by medical personnel.

The name of the victim will not be released until next of kin are notified.

The Westport Police Department’s accident investigation team, with assistance from the Fairfield Police Department’s accident investigation team, will handle this investigation.

Saugatuck Avenue between Ferry Lane and Duck Pond Road is closed, and is not expected to reopen for the next several hours.  However, residents who live within that area will be allowed to access their homes.

2 responses to “Fatal Crash On Saugatuck Avenue

  1. Ben Chamberlain

    That street is dangerous and I never cross there anymore. Had a few close calls, people drive too fast

  2. Carole Schweid

    Don’t know if it applies in this sad case.. but I see people gong thru red light all the time . the roads in Westport are becoming very unsafe. I’ve even had people go around me to go thru a red light . It’s a shame. It’s so easy to make this town safer – stop at red light. Set an example.