“06880” Podcast: Tom Scarice

In less than 2 years, superintendent of schools Thomas Scarice has made a name as one of Westport’s most trusted leaders.

He’s also one of the most popular guests on “06880: The Podcast.”

The reasons for both are clear: He is a clear communicator. He speaks with clarity, and does not duck difficult issues. He has a vision, and — though he knows not everyone will agree with all, or even some, of it — he wants the town to hear it.

This week, Superintendent Scarice returns to the Westport Library’s Verso Studios. I asked about 2 main topics: the physical state of our school facilities, and the importance of connection and belonging among all who spend their days in those buildings.

Click below for another fascinating conversation with our town’s top educator.

3 responses to ““06880” Podcast: Tom Scarice

  1. sarah hiner

    don’t be fooled by great communicators. There are many who do not trust Superintendent Scarice nor his vision no matter how articulate he is.

  2. Scott Brodie

    There are no “new” Elementary school buildings in Westport – every one of them goes back to the 1950s or earlier, and most of them were originally built to be Junior High or High Schools. Why are Saugatuck, Greens Farms, and Kings Highway “OK” but Long Lots and Coleytown in urgent need of gut renovation or replacement?

  3. Lisa Marriott

    Scott Brodie, here is some information that may explain the school situation. Greens Farms: In 1997, faced with rising pupil enrollments, the town reclaimed the school for use as an elementary school again.[8] The school had to be renovated and expanded, which cost the town $16 million

    Saugatuck Elementary School: Renovated and opened in 2004 https://antinozzi.com/k-12-schools/saugatuck-elementary-school/

    I am sure there is information on when KHS was renovated (if it was) and more on the other elementary schools as well. But as far as GFS and SES, both are much newer than the others.