Roundup: Sustainable Westport, Mothers Day Pig …

Earlier today, “06880” featured musician/Westporter Sophie B. Hawkins’ experience with food scrap recycling. (Spoiler alert: She’s passionate about it.)

That’s one Sustainable Westport initiative. There are many more. And you can check them out at the organization’s newly redesigned website.

It highlights news, events and action items. There are resources for reducing carbon footprints for residents as well as businesses, in areas like energy, transportation, landscaping and purchasing, plus information on social equity and sustainability.

There are links too to the Zero Food Waste Challenge, Restaurant Certification program, and Green Building Awards.

Click here for the website, then dive in.


WordPress’ new formatting means that for some “06880” readers, photos are elongated. For others, the print is smaller than before.

I didn’t make the change, and I can’t fix it. But here’s a pro tip: Click on the headline of any “06880.” It should magically appear in the correct format.

I’m sorry you need to take that extra step. But I hope it helps.

Elongated photos, this morning (courtesy of Jack Backiel)


Jolantha — Weston’s favorite pig — wishes a happy Mothers Day to all the moms out there.

She just hopes you don’t have ham for dinner.

(Photo/Hans Wilhelm)


The weather has been a bit un-May-like. But on a rare nice day recently, June Rose Whittaker captured this “Westport … Naturally” image at the Longshore golf course 7th hole.

(Photo/June Rose Whittaker)


And finally … one more Mothers Day wish, this one from “06880”!


2 responses to “Roundup: Sustainable Westport, Mothers Day Pig …

  1. Bonnie Scott Connolly

    Thank you so much for the tip about getting the format of 06880 back to the way it was. I’ve been fretting about that for a week or two. Now I’ll have to find something new to fret about.

  2. Robert M Gerrity

    If you forget, just click through to the comments. Dan is not the only “victim.” several of national genealogy organizations have material in WordPress. It is as bad.
    One of those things that is NOT acceptable re professional presentation: I keep telling the IT guys not to fix things that aren’t broken but they gotta tinker so as to justify their maybe I can afford a house in Norwalk salaries. And they their bosses go, What problem?
    Hey, does any WordPress honcho live in Westport? Time to picket!