“06880” Podcast: Jack Mitchell

Mitchells may own 8 high-end clothing stores on both coasts. But since its humble beginnings in Westport 64 years ago, they’ve never lost their small-town, human touch.

As the son of founders Ed and Norma Mitchell, Jack Mitchell carries on the family tradition. He’s helped raise service to a new level.

Jack has written best-selling books about “hugging” customers and employees. He’s an internationally known speaker.

The other day, he sat on the Westport Library stage with me. We chatted about Mitchells, the state of retailing today, Westport old and young — and hugging.

Click below for our homey, half-hour conversation.

15 responses to ““06880” Podcast: Jack Mitchell

  1. Bruce Fernie SHS 1970

    Bravo, a life well lived.

  2. Gloria Gouveia

    What do Jack Mitchell and ZZ Top have in common? They know that “Everyone’s Crazy ‘Bout a Sharp-dressed Man!”

  3. Jack Mitchell

    Thanks again Dan!!
    Happy 06880 hugs

  4. Ciara Webster

    Their small town human touch got them over 7 million dollars in ppp money during covid !!!!
    Eh… .. no words !

  5. Ciara Webster

    No it did not ! Check your facts ! The 7 mil was for Westport !
    Not for the other stores !
    I imagine the 8 stores got more in the vicinity of 20 mil
    They did nobody any favors ! We the tax payers should be thanked !!!

  6. Mitchells headquarters are in Westport. That’s where they run all 8 stores. Check your facts, Ciara. And please explain why saving several hundred jobs — which they did — is a bad thing.

  7. Nobody said saving jobs is a bad thing.. I checked my facts ! Between the 2xppp they got close to 20million.
    How about a shout out to the businesses in town that didn’t get squat and saved jobs ? The ones without the banking contacts… eh ???
    A whole different conversation Dan. And one I’m very very educated on…

  8. Tim Plunkett

    Dan, wonderful interview with a wonderful person. My mom trusted Mitchell‘s of Westport, or Ed Mitchell’s as it was known at the time, completely. As you know, she didn’t have a lot of money but she would send us there knowing they would not let us exceed her budget. What a wonderful family and what a wonderful philosophy they have had in their business dealings.

  9. mary Hoffman

    The Mitchell’s family is one of the most humble and generous families in Westport.

  10. Bobbie Herman

    I worked at Mitchell’s for a couple of years in the late 80’s/early 90’s. The Mitchells treated their employee as nicely as they did their customers.

  11. Jay Tormey'66

    Dan – I have been buying my clothes from them since I was in 9th grade, 1960 and have always had a great experience.My parents weren’t rich but the Mitchells didn’t care they treated everyone the same. Bill and Jack were always cordial to their customers. They along with Mom and Dad always called you by your first name. I took those lessons when I worked at the Sport Mart in the late 60’s and early 70″s with Dan Coughlin who had the same philosophy (customers were always number one).

    • Bruce Fernie SHS 1970

      Danny was a true merchant also and I remember you Jay… Every year when Dad outfit us all for the ski season he would joke that he was putting Danny’s kids through college.