You Are Not Alone: Students Raise Awareness Of Mental Health

For years, discussion of mental health has been taboo. People have suffered in silence, not wanting to be judged by family, friends or colleagues.

Finally, mental health has become a mainstream topic. One of the most important places to talk about it is school.

To prepare for Mental Health Awareness Month in May, the Staples High School Climate Committee and Teen Awareness Group (TAG) are launching a community-wide campaign. The goal is to raise awareness, and let people know they are not alone.

TAG — a youth-led non-profit and school club — is working on a documentary for their annual “Get Real Day” at Staples in May. The goal is to bring local stories of mental illness and substance abuse to students to encourage conversation, reduce stigma, and provide support and resources to students.

They need our help. TAG is looking for Westporters, Staples alumni, current students or teachers who are willing to share their stories through both text and video. Organizers say: “We want people to know this is a ‘we’ problem, not a ‘me’ problem.”

If you’d like to share your story, email Kelly Konstanty at by April 15. Put “Mental Health Awareness Month” in the Subject line.

TAG — and the entire community — thank you.

4 responses to “You Are Not Alone: Students Raise Awareness Of Mental Health

  1. Sarah A. Hale

    What a great initiative! Does TAG have a website or social media page for the community to follow?

  2. Anna Alemani

    Overcoming the stigma about mental health and encouraging students to share their experience and seek for help, bravo!!

  3. Ngassam Ngnoumen

    Kudos to these youth leaders!

  4. Thank you for sharing about TAG’s longstanding advocacy for mental health and substance abuse awareness. You can learn more about this amazing group of young people at and you can follow TAG on social media and as well.