Don’t Wait! Be Great! Our Next Poet Laureate!

Forget 1st selectwoman. Who cares about superintendent of schools?

The real cool job is … Westport’s poet laureate.

The position comes vacant July 1. Diane Lowman — our first (and so far only) town poet completes her term June 30.

During her tenure, she recited and curated poetry at town ceremonies and events, schools, Senior Center, Library and arts events.

Diane was particularly creative during the pandemic, launching a lawn sign campaign to help raise spirits.

Haiku, by Westport poet laureate Diane Lowman

Westport’s poet laureate serves as an ambassador for both the town and the literary form, helping continue our vibrant literary history.

Specifically, the poet laureate:

  • Promotes poetry as a form of communication, inspiration, and entertainment for local residents.
  • Participates in Connecticut Poet Laureate group programs throughout the state.
  • Expands access to, and creates connection through, poetry.
  • Elevates awareness of and appreciation for all forms of poetry.
  • Advocates for poetry, literature and the arts.
  • Contributes to the town’s literary legacy through public readings and participation in civic events.

The First Selectwoman’s office appoints the poet laureate. The Westport Arts Advisory Committee administers the program.

Diane Meyer Lowman with her haiku, at the Westport Book Shop.

Candidates should be 21 years of age or older, live in Westport, and have a wide range of relevant knowledge and experience. They must be comfortable with public speaking, and willing to work collaboratively with the school district, Library and other cultural organizations to develop and present poetry-related activities and events.

Of course — this being poetry — the position is honorary and non-compensated. The term runs for 2 years.

Click here for the application packet. The deadline is April 15. Questions? Email,with the subject line “Poet.”

4 responses to “Don’t Wait! Be Great! Our Next Poet Laureate!

  1. Eileen Lavigne Flug

    Oh Diane Lowman
    Our first Poet Laureate
    You helped calm our souls.

  2. Valerie Ann Leff

    Jessica Noyes McEntee is possibly the most accomplished poet in Westport. Everyone should read her work, and I hope she will apply for the position.
    Valerie Ann Leff, former Executive Director of Westport Writers’ Workshop.