Photo Challenge #374

When I posted last week’s Photo Challenge, I thought it would stump most readers. Once I revealed the answer, I figured, they’d say: “Aha! You tricked me.”

It took about 12 seconds for me to realize you guys don’t fall for my tricks.

Or John Videler’s. The talented photographer sent along a drone shot, of the entrance road to Longshore (click here to see). I figured it looked too abstract to figure out.

I figured wrong.

Matthew Mandell, Matt Murray, Fred Cantor, Phil Kann, Paul Lowenstein, Andrew Colabella, Elaine Marino, Sandra Calise, Tim Plunkett, Charles Rosoff, Seth Schachter, Molly Alger, Nancy Axthelm, Adam Starr, Lynn Untermeyer Miller, Richard Ellis, Susan Raboy, Todd Ehrlich, Bobbie Herman, Arthur Hayes, Ann Bacharach, Kenneth Gilbertie, Martin Gitlin, Nicola Sharian, Mary Ann Batsell, Seth Braunstein, Derek Fuchs and Lynn Wilson all responded quickly and correctly.

Several of them included the official name: Julian Brodie Road. He’s one of the Westporters who, in 1960, helped engineer the town’s purchase of the failing Longshore Country Club, as perhaps the country’s first “municipal country club.”

The entire process — from conception to RTM approval of the $1.9 million price — took a lightning-quick 18 days. If the town had not acted, the owners would have sold the land to a private developer. He would have built 180 homes, and Longshore would be lost forever.

The exit road is named for Herb Baldwin. He was the town’s 1st selectman, and also played a major role in the town’s purchase. Click here for one of several “06880” stories about that epic chapter in Westport history.

Now it’s time to turn the page, to this week’s Photo Challenge. I think this one is really tough.

Surprise me. If you know where in Westport you’d see this, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Susan Iseman)

5 responses to “Photo Challenge #374

  1. Compo picnic table or lifeguard stand

  2. Sherwood Island lifeguard stand

  3. Motif on a life guard chair at Sherwood Island.

  4. Sherwood Island lifeguard chair it is. Well done!

  5. Michelle Garvey

    Is that part of the mural on south compo south of the minuteman on the left side as you head towards the beach?