Unsung Heroes #227

Claudia Sherwood Servidio is a newcomer to Westport. 

So far, she loves living here. As a photographer, she has a great eye for local beauty (check out her photos on “06880”). And as a Westporter, she’s realizing there are some very good people.

Claudia writes:

When we arrived 6 months ago, we heard stories of how much Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward were important parts of this caring community — along with so many others.

We felt this was a town with charm, and a connectedness to people and nature.

We walk daily to see what we might discover next: the shops, the food, the art, the deer!

Yesterday my husband  lost his key. We did not realize it until we returned home. We walked back twice to retrace our steps, but no key. Luckily we carried a spare.

Today my husband got a call from the Westport Library. They had our key! We had joined as soon as we moved here. My husband’s mini-library card was attached to his key.

Some conscientious person had found our key, and gone to the library. Someone there looked up our number, and called us.

Thank you to whoever found our key, and to the Westport Library.

We think we live in Opie’s Mayberry! Are we dating ourselves? Still, we keep walking…

2 responses to “Unsung Heroes #227

  1. Claudia, you and John are such a wonderful addition to our town.I love seeing your beautiful photos and thanks for sharing events you find interesting. So glad you are happy exploring and feeling so welcomed here.

  2. Always love a story with a good ending, particularly from someone new to town who is so expressive in her appreciation for the place. We feel the same way about Westport and we moved here over 49 years ago.