Roundup: Dogs, La Plage, Playhouse …


The other day, Jo Ann Miller saw a dog roaming the aisles of a Norwalk store.

(Photo/Jo Ann Miller)

Okay, it was Petco.

Still, as she thought about the dogs she’s seen in Westport — at CVS and Starbucks, among other places — she wondered: Is there a law here covering that?

The answer appears to be “no.” Town ordinances don’t seem to mention animals and stores.

So, “06880” readers: What do you think? Are we fine just the way we are? Should there be a regulation? If so, what should it say? Click “Comments” below.

And remember — as always — use full, real names. (Yours. Not Fido’s.)


If you need more reasons to visit La Plage — and you really don’t — the popular Longshore restaurant is now open for lunch.

Starting today, it adds that to its Saturday and Sunday brunch, and 6-days-a-week dinners.

The lunch menu includes a raw bar, a la carte items, entrees that change daily, and a 2-course prix fixe for $24.

La Plage  plans to serve lunch and dinner 7 days a week in early spring, coinciding with the opening of the golf course.



Westport Country Playhouse has named 5 new trustees. Two have close Westport connections.

 Westport resident Tracey Knight Narang is a Tony Award-winning producer, and a playwright. Her producer credits include “Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Oklahoma!”; “for colored girls who have considered suicide/when the rainbow is enuf” (coming to Broadway this spring); “Sing Street,” and Arthur Miller’s “The American Clock” at the Old Vic. Narang is the lead producer of “Period Piece,” currently in development. She is on the board of directors of New York City Center, a member of the Dramatists Guild of America and the League of Professional Theatre Women, and a steering committee member of Connecticut’s LPTW chapter.

Stafford W. Thomas, Jr. is principal of Staples High School in Westport. While principal of Hillcrest Middle School in Trumbull he was honored as Connecticut Middle School Principal of the Year. Thomas currently serves as an adjunct professor in the graduate school of education at Sacred Heart University. He earned a bachelor of arts in psychology from Georgetown University, a master of arts in teaching from Brown University, and a dual degree in law (Juris Doctor) and educational administration (M.Ed.) from Boston College.

Ania Czekaj-Farber of Westport chairs the Playhouse board of trustees.

Tracey Knight Narang and Stafford Thomas.


Staples High School’s February Students of the Month are seniors Krishin Wadhwani and Elena Lim, junior Julia Herlyn, sophomores Sophia Papp and Dagny Dahl, and freshmen Isabel Brookbanks and Mieszko Solowinski.

Principal Stafford Thomas says they “help make Staples High School a welcoming place for their peers and teachers. They are the ‘glue’ of the school community: the type of kind, cheerful, hard-working, trustworthy students who keep the high school together, making it the special place that it is.”

From left: Krishin Wadhwani, Elena Lim, Sophia Papp, Julia Herlyn, Dagny Dahl, Isabel Brookbanks. Missing: Mieszko Solowinski


“06880” readers often see the name Pippa Bell Ader. She’s one of Westport’s leading environmental advocates.

Readers all over the country are now meeting her husband. David Ader recently published his first book of short stores.

A retired bond strategist who mined his many interests and hobbies for inspiration, the stories reflect David’s sense of irony.

Amazon says of the 32 short pieces: “You will encounter people in situation which are not always what they seem. There’s a good bit of humor, some shocks, and always twists and turns that lead to ‘ah hah’ conclusions.

“You will meet a bullied parochial school student who gets his revenge. An elderly widower is about to leave his beloved home until his memories keep him there. A well-heeled lawyer decides to take an evening walk through Central Park and greets a man he fears is a mugger for an O’Henry-esque meeting. A couple planning to climb Kilimanjaro on an eco tour reveal political-correctness gone awry. Another couple go out on the wrong day for a sail. A loner in the backwoods of Maine.”

Click here for more information, and to order. (Hat tip: Mitchell Lester)


Yesterday’s “06880” Roundup noted that registration for many Parks & Recreation programs begin March 2.

That’s the same link to sign up for Wakeman Town Farm camps and classes too.

To see programs on the WTF website, click here. Then follow the prompts.

Eager students in a Wakeman Town Farm cooking class.


Starting to make summer plans?

Pencil in June 19. Musician/humanitarian/activist/filmmaker Michael Franti brings his high-energy live show, inspiring music, devotion to wellness and power of optimism to the Levitt Pavilion.

The #1 artist (“Sound of Sunshine,” “Say Hey [I Love You],” “I Got You”) will release his 12th album around the same time as his show.

Pre-sale (Levitt Pavilion members) began yesterday. General public tickets are available this Friday (February 18, 10 a.m.). Click here for more information, and to reserve a spot.

Michael Franti


This week’s cold temperatures set the scene for today’s “Westport … Naturally” photo. Claudia Sherwood Servidio took off her gloves long enough to capture this stark image of Gray’s Creek, by the Longshore golf course.

(Photo/Claudia Sherwood Servidio)


And finally … happy 84th birthday to contemporary classical composer John Corigliano. In a long, distinguished career he’s won 5 Grammys — plus one Pulitzer Prize, and an Oscar.


10 responses to “Roundup: Dogs, La Plage, Playhouse …

  1. Celeste Champagne

    Personally I don’t mind dogs in retail stores as long as they are tightly leashed. That is the rub. Many are not, which would be objectionable to patrons who do not appreciate animals on the premises. The surprising thing is that there is no ordinances on the books regarding this. I believe they are not permitted in restaurants.

  2. Lets start with – I am a dog owner (beagle). But I am against dogs in stores or restaurants. Not everyone is ok with dogs. I have seen overexcited large pups get ornery. Some have jumped on a child (in a desire to be friendly, but tell that to the crying kid that was scared of dogs that looked like that for a while). Just because you love and trust your dog, doesnt mean others have to. Some kids are scared of them. Some adults are too and not everyone considers it sanitary to have dogs everywhere. Please consider that people are different and ouic places should remain areas that everyone can use freely.

  3. Katherine A Calise

    I believe that there is a law regarding dogs in stores that sell food. If you check with the health department they can confirm it.
    I am totally against dogs in stores that sell food. I have been in Home Goods where I have seen the dogs sniffing the food supplies. Unless it is a service dog I don’t see the need to bring them in the stores.

  4. janice chingos

    As long as dog owners are respectful of others around them, I think it’s wonderful to be able to bring your furry friend with you. They do it all over Europe — why not here? We have enough rules and regs already.

    • Lived there for 12 years not too long ago. European countries have ordinances limiting dogs etc. Cultural norms also limit their inclusion in business establishments. Not exactly “all over”.

    • Carl Addison Swanson

      In Paris, they, literally, “do it” all over. I own a dog. These days, she is better off in the car fiercely fending off would-be thieves. I do NOT approve of dogs in stores. Sort of like wearing pajamas to Sunday morning service.

  5. Hey Dan are you trying to whip up a brew-ha-ha? Well mannered dogs, leashed should not be an issue in stores. Indoor dining is a different matter. Outdoor dining, which is very popular when weather permits, should be welcoming for Oskar (my Fido.)

  6. I’m a dog owner & very much a dog lover. That said, dogs and all other animals are probably best left outside. Certainly where food is sold. As much as I love animals, I know others aren’t comfortable around them and would wig out if near a large dog in close quarters. I do believe leashed animals who remain calm and aren’t disturbing others would be a welcome addition to an outside patio setting – restaurant or otherwise. As always, dependent on how well the owner manages their pet, and how considerate they are of others (think parents who rationalize “they’re just kids” when their small one kicks the back of an airline seat!!).

  7. Dan — you forgot to mention that John Corigliano used to live in Westport! I don’t remember the details, but I think it was in the 80’s and if I remember correctly, he lived on Valley Road.

  8. Why jump to more laws and regulation? CT already has too many laws and regulations. Its one of the worst states and is becoming unbearable.

    No issues with dogs in stores as long as they (and their owner) are well-behaved. I took my dog everywhere possible to acclimate him.