Pic Of The Day #1752

Saugatuck River scene (Photo/Dawn Sullivan)

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    • Something over the side seems to be holding it, but another question is How do you get aboard this boat?

  2. Could be related to the missing persons report from the other week? Someone climbed out of a canoe right around there and walked ashore? BTW, the person was located in Norwalk, safe.

  3. This was related to the missing person report. The canoe was taken and was left at the edge of the rocks by Bar taco. Later the Fire rescue dive team anchored the canoe so it wouldn’t float away. As I was the one trying to get the canoe back, I came down in the morning after the canoe was taken and saw it by the rocks. By the time I went home to get my SUV and came back, someone had stolen the canoe as well as the fire depts anchor. Sad state of affairs …