Sunday Snow Scenes

The timing of the blizzard that wasn’t — not in western Connecticut, anyway — was perfect.

We enjoyed a lazy day yesterday. Today we headed outside. The air was brisk, but bearable. There was enough snow for sledding, but not enough to make life miserable.

It was a perfect January Sunday. If you didn’t enjoy today, you’re not a real Westporter.

Winslow Park was one of many hills packed with sledders, tobogganers and snowboarders. One girl was frightened by a big dog.: “:Honey, it’s their park,” her mother said. “We’re just guests.” (Photo/Dan Woog)

Greens Farms icicles, as big as trees (Photo/Elena Nasereddin)

Someone clomped out this message in Gina Ryan’s yard. “I love you too!” she said.

This bird did not know it’s Sunday. It just knew where to find lunch. (Photo/Robin Frank)

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