Photo Challenge #369

No, Cobb’s Mill Inn has not moved to Sherwood Mill Pond.

That might not be a bad idea — it’s one place as picturesque as the longtime Weston restaurant/event space. From 1934 through 2016, diners enjoyed a waterfall, wildlife, and the ever-changing seasons at the former pond-side sawmill and gristmill.

A “Cobb’s Mill” sign now hangs in Westport. It was the subject of last week’s Photo Challenge.

Eagle-eyed “06880” readers — and, obviously, avid nature lovers/walkers — John Richers, Molly Alger, Alfred Herman, Lynn Untermeyer Miller, Harry Brady, John Moran and Judy Katz all knew it can be found on the side of Clark Hanford’s house.

He lives in the far corner of the Old Mill Beach parking lot. His house is the funky one on the left — with a tiny electric car in the yard — as you head to Sherwood Mill Pond, and the pedestrian bridges leading to Compo Cove.

I’m not sure how the historic Weston sign ended up in Westport. But it’s fitting that it sits a few yards from another “old mill,” delighting all who pass while reminding us too of both our agricultural and gustatory pasts. (Click here to see Cathy Malkin’s photo.)

Here’s this week’s challenge. If you know where in Westport it is, click “Comments” below.

Hint: It does not come from Weston.

(Photo/Dan Woog)

15 responses to “Photo Challenge #369

  1. Charlie Colasurdo

    Westport library bathrooms?

  2. Andrew Colabella

    Westport Library

  3. Ralph Balducci

    I’m thinking Westport Library (bathroom)

  4. Patricia Mcmahon

    This looks like every swatch of paint color I’ve tried on my walls .

  5. Library near lower level entrance. Supposed to symbolize book spines.

  6. Library [men’s] bathroom.

  7. Amy Schneider

    Library bathroom, the one on the riverwalk level. Or maybe all levels?

  8. Westport Library bathroom

  9. Men’s room at the library

  10. It’s opposed to represent the spines of our collection of books. That theme is prevalent throughout the building and the grounds. Looks down on the walkways as you enter the building.

    Rob Haroun – Former Library Building Chair.

  11. The bathroom at the Library

  12. Rose Mary Schmid

    Thanks for the very beautiful music