Photo Challenge #368

Fences make good neighbors.

They also make good subjects for our Photo Challenge.

Last week’s image showed a typical — in other words, fairly expensive, handsome, and not at all garden-variety — Westport fence.

It could have been many places. Most readers thought it was somewhere on the water. But not Compo Cove. Not Beachside Avenue.

As Matt Murray, Andrew Colabella, Gloria Smithson, Joelle Malec, Clark Thiemann, Claire Elliot and Lynn Wilson knew, the image by Molly Alger showed the fence near 250 Hillspoint Road. It offers access to a small private beach between Old Mill and Compo. (Click here to see.)  

Sure, it interrupts the view of walkers, joggers and bicyclists between Schlaet’s Point and Joey’s by the Shore.

But it’s a lot better looking than the big new house whose construction has been stalled for a couple of years now, just a few yards away.

Check out this week’s Photo Challenge below. Don’t click “Comments” to tell us what it is — that’s pretty obvious.

We want to know where in Westport you’d see it.

That’s right: Cobb’s Mill — at least, the sign — is not in Weston anymore.

(Photo/Cathy Malkin)

12 responses to “Photo Challenge #368

  1. On house at Mill Pond Beach!

  2. Walkway to the Mill Pond from the parking lot.

  3. Clark Hanford’s house at Old Mill Beach

  4. Re “Fences Make Good Neighbors!” Not so fast on that one! Frost’s ‘Mending Wall’ opens with: “Something there is that doesn’t love a wall, that sends the frozen-ground swell under it…” Mother Nature has the last word.

  5. Lynn Untermeyer Miller

    At the Mill Pond. At Clark Hanfords’s.
    Home to some very cool cars and the old Cafe de la Plage sign.

    • NOTHING gets by our “06880” readers. Yes, Weston’s Cobb’s Mill Inn sign now lives on, at Clark Hanford’s funky house, near the pedestrian bridges heading from Old Mill Beach to Compo Cove. Bon appetit!

  6. Mill Pond!! For sure..

  7. Sylvia Robinson Corrigan

    I hope the real Cobb’s Mill Inn will open again some day in some form or fashion!

  8. Path to Old Mill Pond

  9. It’s at Clark’s house at old mill beach on the way to the bridges to the cove



  11. tiles at the library