Photo Challenge #367

When you gotta go, you gotta go.

And if you’re playing golf at Longshore, and you get to the 7th tee — and you’re a male — the place to go is behind a tree.

That’s been true for generations. So — according to Carl Addison Swanson — a plaque commemorating the impromptu port-a-potty was put there in the late 1960s. The deed was done by members of the Longshore Junior Association.

Carl recalls a small pail hanging from the tree, too.

The plaque (photographed by Carl himself) was last week’s Photo Challenge. Click here to see.

Paul Lenihan, Fred Rubin, Barry Cass and Dave Eason all knew exactly where the plaque is. Dave also nailed the reason.

Now, if you can nail this week’s Photo Challenge, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Molly Alger)

13 responses to “Photo Challenge #367

  1. Is this the gate to get into the Longshore patio – the back way?

  2. Along Hillspoint across from about #246. Just south of the blue house/eyesore.

  3. Seth Schachter

    I think this is the gate leading to Old Mill homes —

  4. Andrew Colabella

    Along Hillspoint road sidewalk across from 250

  5. gloria smithson

    along hillspoint road, between hedges, allowing private access to the sound, near old mill beach 🙂

  6. Andrew Franco

    The gate is by compo marina.

  7. Not sure..But I sure hope the sidewalk is clear of snow!! Kidding , kidding…

  8. Joelle Malec

    Hillspoint looking towards Mill Pond beach harbor

  9. interesting that there are so many similar-looking fences near all kinds of water in Westport. But the readers who said this was the one on Hillspoint Road, near #250 and allowing access to the private beach, are correct.

  10. Clark Thiemann.

    One of the fences on the walk between compo and Old Mill.

  11. Claire Elliot

    On the right hand side of hillspoint road as you are heading toward Old Mill Beach.

  12. Seth Braunstein

    Soundview just to the East of GFA

  13. The gate is to one of the lawns between the road and the road along the beach between Compo beach and Mill beach