Pic Of The Day #1725

Cribari Bridge, lit for the holidays. Will the new year bring a new bridge? (Photo/John Videler for Videler Photography

2 responses to “Pic Of The Day #1725

  1. Laura Horelick Lawhon

    Great photo ! Brings back really old memories. As a 7 year-old Brownie I had my first scary walk across it. In the 50’s there were “huge” gaps open to the river below, requiring looong 7 yr old’s steps. I used to love to be in a car and listen to the distinct sound of tires on the metal roadway. Do they still open it? I recall summer afternoons waiting to get into Saugatuck while the huge bridge opened. Now we can still see Peter’s Bridge Market. I remember those smaller stained-dark buildings too. As a child I’d go with my dad to a small liquor store in the furthest area and then down just behind it there was a wonderful little shop , attached , but on the waterfront where my dad would buy the best live lobsters. I can still bring forth the cool aroma of that little market. Then later on in years I’d cross the bridge as a teen in my little Triumph convertible and watch to see if my dad replaced that For Sale sign on his boat again that was docked at the VFW. He had a hard time selling it until I finally had to go back to California with my mom.

  2. Driving under its holiday lights last night was reason # one billion to save that bridge.