Message To District 3 & 8 Voters: Your Polling Place Is CMS!

Lisa Newman is a very alert “06880” reader. When she clicked on the link shared earlier from the Secretary of the State — the one where you can look up your polling location — she realized it was wrong.

Districts 3 and 8 do not vote at Coleytown Elementary School, which is what the state website says. They’re at Coleytown Middle School — via the bus loop entrance. That’s the first one on the left on North Avenue, heading toward the school — not the main entrance, near the CMS sign.

If you are not in RTM districts 3 and 8, use this link to find out where you vote.

In this drone shot taken during Coleytown Middle School renovations, the bus loop entrance is at the bottom of the photo. (Drone photo/Brandon Malin)

2 responses to “Message To District 3 & 8 Voters: Your Polling Place Is CMS!

  1. Kevin O’Halloran

    Why did the town not mail polling locations to the voters . Everyone checks their mail not necessarily check on line

  2. Deborah Greenberg

    The Westport Registrar of Voters office sent a postcard weeks before the election to every voting household in Westport notifying every district 3 and 8 voter that their relevant polling place was Coleytown Middle School and that Coley El was no longer in use.

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