Election Day Turnout: Light So Far

At noon today, voter turnout for Westport’s local elections was around 15%.

The numbers by polling places:

  • Saugatuck Elementary School (RTM Districts 1 &2): 607 out of 4,481 eligible voters
  • Coleytown Middle School (Districts 3 & 8): 595 out of 4,295
  • Greens Farms Elementary School (Districts 4 & 5): 567 out of 4,243
  • Long Lots Elementary School (Districts 6 &7): 644 out of 4,590
  • Westport Library (District 9): 303 out of 2,202

Polls are open until 8 p.m..

Need to check where to vote? Use the State Voter Registration Lookup Tool.

Election voting districts can be viewed here.

3 responses to “Election Day Turnout: Light So Far

  1. Hi Dan – SUPER important message to amplify: the SOTS website where you look up your polling location has an error for districts 3 & 8. We are NOT at CES this year (which is what the site says). Districts 3 and 8 are at COLEY MIDDLE. And this year, it is the bus loop entrance (not the back!!). The bus loop entrance is located via the driveway right next to CES (NOT the CMS main entrance near the CMS sign). Appreciate if you can share this message to your readers!

  2. Stephanie Bass

    Voted at Saugatuck El; out in 15 minutes. Bet with the light response all the polling places will be similarly quick to get through.

    Have always felt you can’t complain if you didn’t vote.

  3. Anyone have any figures on early/absentee voting? Lots of people are still being extra cautious in the face of COVID-19. If the 15% figure holds, though, that is indeed shameful and depressing.