Roundup: Railroad Bridge, Rims & Tires …


The first time you see the William F. Cribari Bridge swing into action — it opens laterally, and is the last of its kind in the state — it’s fun.

The second through 99th times, it’s less fun. That’s because you’re stuck in traffic, on either side of the Saugatuck River.

It’s far less common to see the railroad bridge — a few yards downriver — open up.

And unless you’re sitting on a train, it’s a view to enjoy. Here’s a shot from yesterday, courtesy of Judith Katz.

(Photo/Judith Katz)


Remember the “06880” photo in July of a car at the Westport train station, with all 4 tires and rims removed? Or a similar one 2 days earlier, at the Wilton Road parking garage?

Thee was a similar theft nearby.

Both occurred in broad daylight. But thanks to collaborative work with area law enforcement agencies experiencing similar crimes, on Thursday Westport Police arrested Shawn Oliphant, 39, of Greenwich.

He was charged with larceny in the 3rd and 4th degrees, and held on a $50,000 bond.

Westport train station theft. (Photo/Frank Rosen)


We can’t always see nature’s wondrous, beautiful ways. Thankfully, we have Michelle Harmon — and today’s “Westport … Naturally” image.

(Photo/Michelle Harmon)


And finally … Jimi Hendrix died on this date in 1970. The groundbreaking guitarist was 27 years old — the same age as Brian Jones, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain and Amy Winehouse when they died.

8 responses to “Roundup: Railroad Bridge, Rims & Tires …

  1. Jimmy Hendrix died, and last year, RBG died!

  2. Jimmy Hendrix died, and last year, RBG died.

  3. Here’s a video I made in 2015 of the Saugatuck railroad bridge opening. It’s an awesome sight.

  4. Very cool video. Also, can’t help but notice, two guys working, two guys watching!

  5. At first I thought it was considerate of the wheel thieves to rest the car on a rock, but then realized they’d have to do that in order to pull the jack out from under the now-wheeless car. Judging by the rotor rust, it’s been there a while. An inexpensive set of locking lug nuts would have slowed them down enough to perhaps prod them to choose a different victim.

  6. Re: Picture Of the Day: It’s incomprehensible that anyone would start a caption of wealthy, white Westporters eating lobster and steak as their third meal of the day with the words, “1500 starving people”….I doubt anyone in that crowd was ever starving and it sure would slap the faces of the millions who are.

    On a lighter note, is that GLORIA in the RR bridge photo? Good look alike if it ain’t.

    • Dan Katz Gloria is still sitting at Grey’s Creek. I say ‘sitting’ because her roof looks a little crooked. I think one of the high tides twisted her frame and she’s beached.

  7. Wendy; of course It was a photo taken way before Gloria’s unsightly demise.