Pics Of The Day #1614

1,500 starved people packed Compo Beach yesterday for the Rotary Club’s annual Lobsterfest. They were hungry for lobsters, steaks — and the fantastic party atmosphere they’d missed when last September’s event was canceled (and, in many other ways, since the pandemic began. Great food, wonderful people, fantastic weather, an excellent cause — what’s not to like? (Photo/Dan Woog)

Earlier yesterday, Yogi Bear and friends enjoyed the Japanese Festival at Jesup Green. (Photo/Cathy Malkin)

2 responses to “Pics Of The Day #1614

  1. That beautiful Kees!! I love them.
    I’m glad people enjoyed them selves and the Rotary raised money for so many great causes!

  2. I am now a converted Lobsterfester! Yesterday was a first time but just the beginning of a beautiful affair.

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