Roundup: Bank, MoCA, Chair …


Barnes & Noble is not the only building being renovated in that part of town.

Across the street — at 1111 Post Rd East, the former TD Bank (and before that many others) — is finally being reconstructed. It’s been closed since 2018.

No word yet on what will go in there. My guess: a nail salon. Or a bank. (Hat tip: Bob Weingarten)

1111 Post Road East (Photo/Bob Weingarten)


Go for the art. Get a discount coupon for lunch.

Joann Miller Swanson’s art show (with crafts) runs from now through 1 p.m. today, at The Porch @ Christie’s on Cross Highway.

Say hello. Buy something creative. Then stay to eat!

Joann Miller Swanson’s artwork, for sale today at The Porch @ Christie’s.


MoCA Westport held its Family Day yesterday.

The event — a collaboration with the Westport Farmers’ Market — included the “Between the Ground and the Sky” exhibition, food and drinks, live music and nature-inspired art activities, like planting herbs in the new garden and creating reusable tote bags.

Or — as the little girl in the photo below is doin — just having fun.

(Photo/Nina Capozzi)


Yesterday at White Field on North Compo, Ginny Jaffe saw this strange sight:

(Photo/Ginny Jaffe)

There must be a story behind this. If you know what it is, click “Comments” below.


On Friday evening, AJ and Susan Hand were at Compo’s South Beach. Suddenly, a beautiful bald eagle flew overhead. That’s “Westport … Naturally.”

(Photo/AJ Hand)


And finally … Happy Grandparents’ Day!



8 responses to “Roundup: Bank, MoCA, Chair …

  1. Barbara Sherburne '67

    I knew A.J. Hand’s family when I lived on Long Lots Road in the ’50s or so. Jeff was my age, Johnny was younger, and A.J. and Judy were older. An amazing photo, but for me it is a huge coincidence.

  2. John D McCarthy

    Best seat in the house. Must be in the front row!

  3. Westport National Bank is downsizing to the corner of Morningside.

  4. Jacque O'Brien

    A.J. Hand has been a birding enthusiast and wildlife photographer for many years. Several years ago on a field trip to Earthplace, I introduced my 1st grade class to A.J. and he proceeded to tell us about his photography and his love of birds, especially owls. When he started doing bird calls, you could have heard a pin drop from my class. Later he visited our classroom and gave us a photo he’d taken of an owl. It was spectacular and stayed in my classroom for many years. What a talented man!

    • Barbara Sherburne '67

      This is very interesting to hear. I last saw the Hand family when I was in middle school. I believe A.J.’s father was Jackson, a very fine carpenter, and I think his wife’s name was Dez. Something like that. I did not know A.J. stayed in the area, and I certainly did not know he is a wildlife photographer. A.J.’s dad built our patio, I believe, and I remember he cut off a couple of fingers one night in his garage. I was kind of young, but I seem to remember this. They also had a great love of dogs.

    • Barbara Sherburne '67

      and cats.

  5. I think there was a Hand family on Hillandale. Maybe the daughter was Leslie Hand. She would have been in the class of 1965 at Staples.