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Roundup: Bank, MoCA, Chair …


Barnes & Noble is not the only building being renovated in that part of town.

Across the street — at 1111 Post Rd East, the former TD Bank (and before that many others) — is finally being reconstructed. It’s been closed since 2018.

No word yet on what will go in there. My guess: a nail salon. Or a bank. (Hat tip: Bob Weingarten)

1111 Post Road East (Photo/Bob Weingarten)


Go for the art. Get a discount coupon for lunch.

Joann Miller Swanson’s art show (with crafts) runs from now through 1 p.m. today, at The Porch @ Christie’s on Cross Highway.

Say hello. Buy something creative. Then stay to eat!

Joann Miller Swanson’s artwork, for sale today at The Porch @ Christie’s.


MoCA Westport held its Family Day yesterday.

The event — a collaboration with the Westport Farmers’ Market — included the “Between the Ground and the Sky” exhibition, food and drinks, live music and nature-inspired art activities, like planting herbs in the new garden and creating reusable tote bags.

Or — as the little girl in the photo below is doin — just having fun.

(Photo/Nina Capozzi)


Yesterday at White Field on North Compo, Ginny Jaffe saw this strange sight:

(Photo/Ginny Jaffe)

There must be a story behind this. If you know what it is, click “Comments” below.


On Friday evening, AJ and Susan Hand were at Compo’s South Beach. Suddenly, a beautiful bald eagle flew overhead. That’s “Westport … Naturally.”

(Photo/AJ Hand)


And finally … Happy Grandparents’ Day!



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