Pic Of The Day #1580

It’s not just beachfront homeowners who are preparing for rising tides. This house is on the east side of the Saugatuck River (Photo/Bruce McFadden)

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  1. Barbara Sherburne '67

    Wow. That must involve a lot of stairs. You have to think forward to your “golden years” when it might be better to live in a ranch. I know I could not handle all of those stairs now. It’s sad, but true.

  2. To me, it looks like they’re try to reposition the house.

  3. An elevator needs to be considered

  4. With global warming, bringing higher seas, maybe they need to raise this house higher!

  5. House is in the same position. It used to be located directly on the river’s edge.

  6. I think the home is a part of a multi building $16-20m compound that has been recently put together with multiple parcels/purchases.

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