Roundup: Shopping Days, Heather Frimmer, Public Works …


FEMA is testing its national alert warning system at 2:20 pm today (Wednesday). This is only a test. Do not be alarmed if all your devices start beeping this afternoon!


When Main Street is closed to traffic for Saturday’s Shopping Day, Triple Threat Academy provides the entertainment.

Recent Staples High School graduate/University of Michigan-bound/”Country Comfort” star Jamie Mann will sing. He’ll be joined by castmate Shiloh Verrico, who trains virtually with Triple Threat founder (and Staples grad Cynthia Gibb).

Jamie Mann (Photo/Curtis & Cort)


When trust is violated, can it ever be recovered?

That’s the premise of “Better to Trust.” Heather Frimmer‘s second novel centers around a neurosurgeon struggling with a pill addiction, who makes the decision to operate on his sister-in-law’s brain.

Secrets swirling around drug use and sexual identity must be dealt with, in order for the family to learn to trust each other again.

Frimmer — a radiologist specializing in breast and emergency room imaging — launches her new book at the Westport Library on September 21 (7 p.m.). The event is both in-person and livestreamed. Autographed copies can be picked up on site or shipped. There will be light refreshments and door prizes too.

Click here to register and order copies.



Ernie Lorimer wants to give a shout-out to the transfer station crew.

He writes: “On my last few visits, I’ve noticed that it is really tidy and organized.  Very ship-shape.”

Done! Thanks to all Public Works director Peter Ratkiewich, and all his crew — seldom recognized — who make ours the best transfer station around!

Neat! (Photos/Ernie Lorimer)


Tracy Porosoff calls today’s “Westport … Naturally” submission “Cloudy Afternoon in the Garden.”


And finally … speaking of gardens, here’s a beauty from The Mamas & The Papas:

7 responses to “Roundup: Shopping Days, Heather Frimmer, Public Works …

  1. Ditto Ernie Lorimer’s post, as well as the general helpfulness of crew members

  2. I think the Transfer Station have a top notch crew that are at the top of their game. Polite, helpful, courteous, knowledgeable and friendly.

  3. Donald Bergmann

    It is terrific we have a transfer station and even better that it is so well run. The transfer business, i.e. recycling, has changed a great deal over the past several years, namely the costs go up and the revenues down. Peter Ratkiewich has been on top of this difficult reality.

  4. Some of my lady friends and I are fangirls for the Westport transfer station!

  5. Harris M. Falk

    Westport Transfer Station would be a great name for a Chicago cover band.

  6. The transfer station does a great job allowing random contractors dump van loads of construction debris for free! It’s really convenient to come from out of town with close highway access! Saves them the fees that the other towns charge. Great job saving them money!

  7. nick thompson

    Thanks Peter and Chris Tait for putting in cross walks on Hillspoint after the new pavement, and for working towards sidewalks to help with safety.