Unsung Heroes #202

Last month, “06880” reported the theft of Mitch Raboy’s standup paddleboard, from the Compo Beach kayak launch near Ned Dimes Marina.

Fortunately, that was not the end of the story. Mitch writes:

In our search for a replacement board, my wife and I went over to Westport Paddle Club. We asked about buying a used board or kayak at the end of the season.

While talking to one of the staff, the owner — Robbie Guimond — overheard us. He said he had read the sad story on “06880.”

He said he would lend us a board until the end of the season, when we could buy it or another if we wanted. No strings attached.

Our car wasn’t big enough to fit the board, so Robbie offered to deliver it to our house or the beach.

We now have a great board, filling the empty rack space.

This was all so unexpected. It turned a not very pleasant experience into a nice one.

There are some good people in our town. Robbie is definitely one of them.

Agreed! This is far from the only good deed Robbie Guimond — and the rest of the Westport Paddle Club crew — has done. He is a great choice for Unsung Hero of the Week. 

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Mitch Raboy’s loaner paddleboard, courtesy of Robbie Guimond.

One response to “Unsung Heroes #202

  1. My visiting SIL,daughter and grandchildren rented kayaks and paddle boards last week for a couple of hours. They had a ball on the river. Robbie and company run a great operation.