“06880” Podcast: Robbie Guimond

Robbie Guimond, owner of both the Westport Paddle Club and Bridgebrook Marina on Riverside Avenue, has lived and worked on the Saugatuck River for more than 20 years.

The other day, we chatted at the Westport Library for my latest podcast. Robbie has fascinating insights into the history of the river; its importance to Westport yesterday, today and tomorrow; its commerce and its pleasures — and of course, the future of the Cribari Bridge.

Click here to learn more about a piece of Westport all of us love, but few of us really know.

Screenshot of Robbie Guimond from “06880: The Podcast.”

2 responses to ““06880” Podcast: Robbie Guimond

  1. Clark Thiemann

    Really interesting conversation Dan and Robbie. And let me put in a little plug for the Paddle Club. I took my daughters down there for an evening kayak last week and his team could not have been nicer, friendlier and more pleasant (despite the fact I was the last boat out of the day). It’s a great addition to the town!

  2. Robbie is good people and part of the fabric of this town. We are lucky to have his marina and Paddle Club. Local businesses like his are more than the backdrop of the community, they are caretakers of our most precious resource – the river. My son attends his camp and when I drop him off in the morning, I know he’s going to a safe place where he’s going to learn, make friends and memories. I picked my son up the other day and he said he and the other kids were jumping in the river, kayaking, watching wildlife and laughing all day. Now I’ve got a car full of sand that smells like summer! Robbie has gotten a lot of children through this pandemic safely and with new friendships and lifelong happy memories to boot! This is a small business owner and father that’s invested in our community. Thank you!