“06880” Podcast: Annette Norton

Annette Norton loves downtown.

The owner of Savvy + Grace — the fun, funky gifts-and-more Main Street store — takes every opportunity she can to talk up the shops, restaurants and events that once again draw folks to the area.

She spoke passionately and insightfully about downtown — its past, present and future — along with her recent decision to become a Westport homeowner on “06880: The Podcast.”

Annette’s thoughts will get listeners thinking too. Click here for the latest edition of “06880: The Podcast.”

Screenshot from Annette Norton’s “06880” podcast.

5 responses to ““06880” Podcast: Annette Norton

  1. David Jones

    Annette is a total rock star. She combines old and new Westport. Old….great service and new…..great vibe and style. CONGRATULATIONS

  2. Annette is awesome. Her ideas about revitalizing downtown are inspirational. Keep going!

  3. Ilene Mirkine

    Is there anyone better than Annette Norton?! Westport – and Downtown in particular – are so fortunate to have her!

  4. Amy Schneider

    Great interview! Annette is so creative and energetic. We are so fortunate that Savvy and Grace is here!

  5. Annette is such an asset to Westport!