Roundup: Bear, Piglet, Poles …


Westport’s most famous bear is dead.

Westport Local Press reports that “Bear 211” — the black bear tagged with that number by the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, and reported at various sites in northern Westport and environs over the past 2 months — was struck by a car and killed yesterday, on Route 136 in Easton. The driver left the scene.

Click here for the full story.

This was the scene off Weston Road recently. The bear has now been struck and killed. (Photo/Denny Galindo)


The Westport Public Art Collections includes an astonishing array of 1,500 paintings, illustrations, photos and more. They hang in every public school, and buildings like Town Hall, the Parks & Recreation Department office, even fire headquarters.

But not everyone has access to schools. Town Hall is still pretty much closed. And when was the last time you were at the fire station?

This winter, there’s an exciting opportunity to see 40 or so outstanding works.

MoCA Westport and the Westport Arts Advisory Committee are collaborating on an exhibit, at MoCA’s expansive gallery space.

Two of the works are shown below. As for the few dozen others: well, you’ll have to see for yourself!

“Don’t Judge Me 2020” (Christa Forrest

From Larry Silver’s “Yangzhou, China 1997-2000” collection.


“06880”‘s favorite Piglet is actually a dog.

Piglet is the name of a deaf, blind pink dachshund/Chihuahua mix. He was rescued by Westport veterinarian Melissa Shapiro. (Click here for a 2017 story.)

She’s just written a book. “Piglet: The Unexpected Story of a Deaf, Blind, Pink Puppy and His Family” will be published August 3. Simon & Schuster calls it “a charming, inspirational memoir about empathy, resilience, kindness, and an adorable deaf blind pink dog.”

Click here for details. And watch “Good Morning America” this Saturday (July 31), for an interview with Melissa. (Hat tip: WEndy Bouthillier)


It’s a little bit of vandalism: a couple of benches overturned by Ned Dimes Marina, off Compo Beach Road.

But the benches are memorials to real, much-loved human beings. Richard Webb — who says this is the second time it’s happened this month — notes that the perpetrators “might as well be turning over headstones.”

(Photo/Richard Webb)


Mark Mathias writes:

“As I’ve been walking my dog recently, I noticed wood shavings at the bottom of most of the telephone, power, cable and such poles around town.

“I also recently saw a truck with 2 guys drilling holes in a pole, and wondered if it’s related.

“Upon further investigation, it appears that at least 3 holes have been drilled and then plugged.

“I also noticed a metal tag nailed into each pole saying “Maverick Inspected 2021 Cobra Rod.”

Any idea what this is for?

Nope. But I’m sure at least one alert “06880” reader does. Click “Comments,” to let us all know.

Plugged hole (below) and metal tag (above). (Photo/Mark Mathias)


These sunflowers graced Peter Wormser‘s memorial service Sunday, at Cedar Point Yacht Club. The architect, cook, outdoorsman — and avid gardener — died earlier this month.

The service was moving and memorable. And Nanette Hausman thought this “Naturally … Westport” photo epitomized Peter’s love of beauty and life.


And finally … in honor of Melissa Shapiro’s new book (above):


18 responses to “Roundup: Bear, Piglet, Poles …

  1. They are drilling holes in the poles and filling with insecticide to increase their longevity. I was disappointed because it implied to me that they won’t be looking to put these wires underground anytime soon. More storms with downed wires in our future with rate increases to keep them up in the air.

  2. William Weiss

    This is a routine periodic check on the interior integrity of the pole

  3. Robert Selverstone

    When i inquired i was told they were looking / checking for termites.

  4. John Richers

    While out on my bike, I noticed a small crew (usually 3 – 5 guys standing around talking and one guy actually working). They were drilling a hole at the base of a telephone pole. I thought to myself “These guys ain’t too bright… It’s much too late in the season for maple syrup!”

  5. Sheri Gordon

    I spoke to the workers when they were drilling holes in the pole on our property. They said it was a preventative treatment for termites to keep the poles safe. It is fairly toxic from what they said so keep pets away!

  6. Deb Alderson

    Did you know that AT&T has a Pole Farm in NJ? It’s where they test the longevity of different kinds of wood. When you drive by all you see is this huge area with a bunch of poles sticking out of the ground. Maybe they also tested the termite treatment on those poles.

  7. laurie beth crouse

    I’m sorry to hear that the bench vadalism at the beach is continuing.
    Im glad these benches did not end up in the marina. Richard Webb says it well, when he says these benches are akin to head stones.
    Perhaps we need cameras placed strategically around the beach.

    • joshua stein

      cameras are not a preventative control. need to look into how to prevent, my thought is simply anchoring into the ground?

      • Russell Gontar

        If a camera identifies a perp, and that perp is caught, it is preventative. Just like gun control doesn’t prevent every tragedy, but if it prevents just one, it is effective. And worth it.

        • joshua stein

          security cameras are detective not preventive controls. security cameras that work in the night and can capture details of a person consistently, are big bucks. and dont forget many are still wearing masks and facial coverings. to me, i’d rather prevent something, than try to run around and chase down a suspect after the fact.

  8. Marianne Murray

    I had the good fortune to meet Melissa (and Piglet who accompanied her on house calls) in the winter of 2017 right after a terrible snowstorm when my older German Shepherd, Charlie, could not get up one morning. Given his age, I feared the worst and wasn’t able to move him to bring him to a vet. I found Melissa online and although she did not know me at all, came the next day as soon as the roads were (barely) drivable and treated him with laser therapy that worked miraculously. She and Piglet continued to visit and take care of Charlie through the end of his life a year and a half later. She is a gem and it was an honor to meet Piglet who really is such an inspiration (as is Melissa).

  9. What kind of a bastard hits a bear (or deer) with a car and does not stop for help…how did he (yes, it was more than likely a HE) get to sleep that night. I wish him ill.

  10. Correction: Westport Town Hall is actually open. For some reason residents were never advised. Can’t imagine why. Except that I can.