Roundup: (No) Traffic, (No) Jumping, (No) Runs …


Southbound I-95 traffic yesterday evening was bumper to bumper. That’s not exactly stop-the-presses news.

But this is.

Janine Scotti reports that there was no residual backup on any side roads. Greens Farms and Bridge Street, on through Saugatuck: Clean as a whistle.

Nothing unusual on the Post Road either.

She wonders if Waze has updated its algorithm to help us. I wonder if maybe Waze was down.

Fingers crossed for something similar during the next tie-up. Which will probably be a few minutes from now.


Just a year after SIR Development purchased Roger’s Septic Tanks — and less than a year after the 73-year-old facility was demolished — a new rental complex is open for leasing.

“1480 Post” — on US1, near Maple Avenue South — is the latest project from SIR president Robert Haroun. A trustee of both the Westport Library and Westport Weston YMCA, he’s been involved in building projects at both places.

The 32-unit complex includes 25 market rate units, and 7 designated as “affordable housing.” Haroun says the 1- and 2-bedroom condo-style apartments will attract residents who want to downsize but remain in Westport. Pets are welcome.

The first open house for the leasing office is next Sunday (August 1), from 1 to 3 p.m. Occupancy is available September 1. Click here for details.

1480 Post


Congratulations (again!) to Westport’s 10U Little League All-Star team.

They won the sectional tournament yesterday in Trumbull, beating North Haven 10-0. The state tournament begins Thursday.

Sectional champs!


First the Sherwood Mill Pond sign on the way to Compo Cove said “No jumping.”

Then some jokes altered it to read “Jump.”

Now it just says — well, um …

(Photo/Dan Woog)


“Westport … Naturally” highlights 2 little guys who were not pleased with yesterday morning’s rain.

Still, they found a perfect spot to wait it out, in a Greens Farms garden.

(Photo/Kathleen O’Keefe)


And finally … today is a musical birthday bonanza. Darlene Love turns 80. Mick Jagger is 78. Bobby Hebb, Dobie Gray and Brenton Wood were all born on July 26 too.

Rather than single any one entertainer out, I’ll honor another anniversary. On this date in 1775, the office that later became the US Post Office was established by the Second Continental Congress. Benjamin Franklin was named our first Postmaster General.

PS: Alex Chilton was just 16 years old when he sang lead on this #1 hit. He and the rest of the Box Tops did not even pretend they were faking it on this show.

14 responses to “Roundup: (No) Traffic, (No) Jumping, (No) Runs …

  1. Sylvia Corrigan

    The Cabbage Patch bunnies are about the cutest things I have ever seen!
    On another note, if there is seriously No Jumping at Old Mill Beach, can or will that be reinforced by the Powers that Be?

  2. Gracine Bueti

    That bunny photo is a true Beatrix Potter moment! Perfection! Thank you for sharing it❣️

  3. Chris Dougherty

    I think weekend drivers seem to tend to NOT “enter” issues into Waze as compared to weekday drivers. Not sure, but just a theory. I’ve also found Waze less helpful lately at avoiding issues..

    • Elizabeth Thibault

      I think you’re right, on both counts.

      It makes me wonder if Google is just going to eventually fold it into Google Maps, with the focus on updating that software instead. (Google also pulls more traffic data directly from the pings that it gets from cell towers to know where a bunch of people are, and I think Waze requires people reporting the backups.)

  4. And Evan Stein turns 47

  5. joshua stein

    There were several traffic conditions this weekend. A normal 5 minute ride took me 35 minutes on Saturday when coupled with the truck striking the RR bridge. There was definitely a ton of traffic coming off i95 going on the post road, greens farms road, etc. In fact, traffic was so backed up on the back roads, at bridge st, etc, Google Maps was recommending drivers stay on i95, as it would add an additional 11 minutes taking the back road from Sherwood island connector. Sunday I dont know why that was different, I was going in the opposite direction.

    Also, I am pretty sure Google maps is already taking the data from Waze. I dont know if its bidirectional. They are not completely silo’d.

  6. Cristina Negrin

    Loved the Box Tops video! Stoned or what 🤣




  8. Karen Solicito

    Why is workforce housing in quotations?

    • James Waldron

      Karen, look up the definition as it compares to `affordable housing’, not a phrase the fine citizens of Westport welcome.

      Are these the same materials the builder used on Treadwell/Sunset/Indian Hill? The proverbial ‘Westport Farm House’ design?

    • That’s the way the info was sent to me by SIR Development. As it turns out, it is not “workforce housing” but “affordable housing” — something different, according to zoning definitions.

  9. James Waldron

    Thanks for the clarification Dan. It was strange phrasing.

    Enjoy your evening.

  10. joshua stein

    what is the fireproofing in these new developments? is there any between units? between walls? floors?

  11. Even though there’s too goddamned many apartments being built in town under the guise of “affordable, gotta give Haroun some thanks for noting that the units welcome pets…our land use board should mandate that all new multifamily construction follow suit.