0*6*Art*Art*0 — Week 70 Gallery

Bright colors predominate this week. And why not? It’s summer!

So … time to grab your paintbrush, pastels, pens, pencils, or whatever else you use to create art, and submit a work for our online gallery.

Watercolors, oils, charcoal, pen-and-ink, acrylics, lithographs, macramé, jewelry, sculpture, decoupage — whatever you’ve got, send it in.

Some of you are professional artists; others are amateurs. Experience does not matter! Email dwoog@optonline.net, to share your work with the world.

Untitled (Amy Schneider). This is the garden on corner of Compo Beach Road and Soundview Drive (by the Soundview parking lot), dedicated to Toni Cunningham by the Compo Beach Improvement Association. She was its longtime president.

Untitled (Aliza Lehrer, 9 years old)

“Compo Sunset Sail” pastel (Roseann Spengler)

“Raindrops Are Falling” (Karen Weingarten)

“Art Supplies” (Frances Ryan Overley, age 9, rising 4th grader at Greens Farms Elementary

“Safe Harbor” (Lawrence Weisman)

Untitled (Ellen Wentworth)


2 responses to “0*6*Art*Art*0 — Week 70 Gallery

  1. Bob Weingarten

    very nice to see the artwork from one of our young artists – Aliza Lehrer. Thanks for your contribution.

  2. When is Larry gonna have an exhibit ⁉️👏👏🇺🇸